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Masiah Golabbakhsh - Fake Kidnapping Mother Charged With 2-Month Old Son's Murder

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Masiah Golabbakhsh - Fake Kidnapping Mother Charged With 2-Month Old Son's Murder

Post  Guest on Wed 28 Apr - 4:40

Police: Mother Led Investigators to Infant's Body

April 22, 2010

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Capital Murder charges were filed Thursday night against the mother at the center of a canceled Amber Alert.

That Amber Alert for 2-month-old Masiah Golabbakhsh was canceled after the baby boy's mother, Narjes Modarresi, changed her story, and according to investigators, told them she buried the infant.

Modarresi, 28, was being held late Thursday without bond, police said.

After hours of interrogation, investigators said Modarresi finally admitted to dumping her baby boy in a creek bed in the 8000 block of Woodway on Thursday, April 22. Houston Police are not releasing any specific details, but in a press release, HPD confirmed that the mother led investigators to the body of the 2-month-old.

When neighbors heard that the mother said it was a kidnapping on Wednesday, April 21 they knew something wasn't adding up.

"You just wonder why two guys would just randomly come by and pick-up a two month old baby," said John Sage, who lives near where the incident occurred. "No ransom. No purse stolen. No nothing. It wasn't making much sense."

What also doesn't make sense is the Modarresi's reasoning for dumping her child's body in that area, according to officials.

"Baby carriage was sitting there right there on the side, which was a very, kind of, a disturbing look," Sage said. "You saw this long baby carriage with no baby in it."

39 News tried interviewing family members of the 2-month-old-boy, but no one answered the door.

"We saw her yesterday in a police car," Sage said. "You know, my wife ended up talking to the detective last night."

Residents who feared of random kidnapping in this area now know the truth about what happened to this little boy.

"You know, we've got a quiet neighborhood," said Sage. "My wife and I have lived here for 33 years. (We've) never had any incidences around here. It's a sad thing for a little baby to be killed."

On a side note, several African-American community activists are speaking out in this case. They are demanding an apology from the boys mother. She originally claimed two black men had taken her baby.



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Re: Masiah Golabbakhsh - Fake Kidnapping Mother Charged With 2-Month Old Son's Murder

Post  Guest on Wed 28 Apr - 4:50

Mom Accused in Son's Killing Makes First Court Appearance

Monday, 26 Apr 2010,

Accused of burying son alive in muddy water

A mother accused of burying her infant son alive makes her first public appearance Monday at the Harris County Criminal Courthouse.

There was silence in the courtroom as Narjes Modarresi walked into the courtroom seemingly emotionless. She walked into the courtroom handcuffed, with no headscarf, although she is Muslim, and charged with capital murder.

Modarresi is accused of killing her two-month-old baby, Masih Golabbakhsh, by burying him face down in a shallow pool of mud. According to the Harris County Medical Examiner, his autopsy revealed mud in his lung, stomach and airways.

Modaressi did have family members in the courtroom to support her. She looked at them briefly as she approached the judge, then gave them a bit of an extended glance as she left the courtroom. Both times she remained expressionless.

Judge Maria Jackson of the 339th District court ordered Modaressi to stay in custody with no bond. Modaressi's defense attorney, George Parnham did not object. He says his client is beginning to understand the enormity of her actions now and he wants her to have "the best mental health care the system can afford."

"She is in the MHMRA unit," Parnham said after the court hearing. "She is being seen by doctors, she is under medication she is being taken care of by some very fine psychiatrists."

Parnham said it was too early to know whether he would try to get her out of jail on bond, but he said it would be only to move her to another psychiatric facility. Her diagnosis isn't clear to him. He's still having her evaluated to see if Modarresi suffers from postpartum psychosis or severe depression. But he believes she will need constant mental health care up until the time of her trial and beyond.

Parnham says Modarresi has a long history of mental illness including hospitalizations. He says Modarresi was most recently hospitalized after the birth of her first son three years ago. She was in Ben Taub Hospital for about a month. Following the birth of Masih, her family told him she had been walking around like a "zombie." She was getting treatment for her illness and was on an anti-psychotic medication before the death of her son.

Parnham says he's going to try to do something that will make his client feel more comfortable. He plans to seek a change to the Harris County Sheriff's Office policy against inmates wearing headscarves. Parnham says this is against her Muslim religion. He said he plans to "go to the top" at the sheriff's department to ask if she could at least wear her headscarf for court appearances.



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