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Quad Crash: Dad Sentenced

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:08

The father of seven-year-old girl who died when the quad bike she was riding crashed on Boxing Day, has been given a nine month suspended jail sentence.
Gary Cooke, 46, pleaded guilty to killing his daughter Elizabeth, who suffered fatal injuries when she hit a 4x4 near her home in Blackmore, Essex, last year.

Elizabeth and her brother Jack, 10, had been riding the bikes, which they had been given as Christmas presents the previous day, on a country lane.

The bikes had a 100cc engine with a 36mph speed limit.

The little girl was riding behind a Range Rover driven by her father when her machine was in collision with another Range Rover travelling in the opposite direction.

Prosecutor Stephen Harvey QC at Chelmsford Crown Court, in Essex, said Elizabeth was thrown on to the bonnet of the second Range Rover and left unconscious on the side of the road.

He said neither Range Rover was travelling quickly, but Elizabeth had not been able to control her quadbike.

Post-mortem tests showed Elizabeth, who died in hospital, suffered multiple injuries.

"This tragic incident was a direct result of the defendant's gross negligence," said Mr Harvey.

Annette Henry, defending, said her client always held himself responsible for his daughter's death.

"Clearly this is a tragic accident which has absolutely devastated the Cooke family and one for which Mr Cooke holds himself responsible," she said.

"He clearly will never forgive himself for what has happened. He is already living a life sentence."

Following her death, Pauline Bowers, headteacher of Blackmore Primary School, where Elizabeth was a pupil, said: "Lizzie was a lively and popular girl who will be greatly missed by all."

What a sad sad accident....
I rememebr a freind of this family posted about this on Sky and alot of people said the dad was wrong to let a little 7 year old girl drive this sort of bike. Personally, I wouldn't, especially on a road. I bet this guy is traumatised.

I hope they can find peace. RIP now Elizabeth x

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'Most Wanted' Ex-Pat Surrenders

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:10

Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:26 pm

.A British man has handed himself in to authorities in Spain after appearing on Crimestoppers' most wanted list.

Andrew Alderman, 49 and from Canterbury, walked into the British consul in Madrid.

He was wanted after being sentenced to 10 years in jail for indecently assaulting and raping a girl under the age of 16, between January 1, 1995, and April 30, 2004.

UK ambassador to Spain Denise Holt welcomed the "excellent news".

"Once again, I would like to thank the Spanish authorities for their support and efforts, in particular those of the Ministry of Interior," she said.

"This is another good example of the close co-operation between our two countries."

He is the third person arrested in Spain after British authorities released images of 10 people wanted in the UK.

All are believed to be in hiding among the ex-pat community on Spain's Costa Blanca, around Alicante.

Anthony Kearney and Donna McCafferty, both wanted for fraud offences, were detained in Alicante on November 7 - the day after the scheme was launched.

Crimestoppers' Chief Executive Mick Laurie said: "This is yet another great success for Operation Captura.

"Within two weeks of launching, a dangerous criminal has handed himself in.

"Due to Alderman's face being so widely circulated, the pressure became all too much and he decided to give himself up."

Anyone with information on the fugitives is asked to ring a dedicated Crimestoppers hotline that will be answered by staff in the UK.

The number to call from Spain is 900 555 111. All calls are anonymous.

Information can also be passed on via the Crimestoppers website.

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Shaken baby paramedic arrested

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:12

Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:58 pm

.A paramedic has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his baby son after the boy was admitted to hospital with head injuries.

Sky News: First For Breaking News

A post-mortem examination showed the 13-week-old boy probably died from shaken baby syndrome.

The boy's mother has also been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm on his twin sister.

The baby girl, who was showing old bone fracture injuries, has been taken into emergency police care.

The boy, from Bexley, South-east London, was taken to hospital on Friday and died the following day.

One source said he had been treated for a broken arm a fortnight earlier.

The paramedic is employed by the London Ambulance Service, where his wife is thought to work in the emergency control room.

The married couple were being questioned by detectives.

The man, in his 40s, is suspected of murder and GBH on both children.

His wife, in her 30s, is suspected of GBH on her daughter and allowing or causing the death of her son.

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Toddler makes miraculous recovery after getting key lodged in brain

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:16

Nicholas Holderman accidentally fell on his parents' keys while playing at their home, forcing one of them through his eyelid.

Remarkable X-ray scans show how the car key penetrated the 20-month-old's brain, leaving him in a critical condition.

The American boy's parents Chris and Staci heard his screams and immediately called for emergency services.

He was rushed by helicopter from the family home in Perryville, Kentucky, to hospital where doctors initially believed the toddler's right eye had been ruptured.

Medics were able to remove the key during surgery without Nicholas suffering any damage to his brain.

But they were astounded when just 15 minutes after the operation they discovered that the boy's eyesight was unaffected.

Reliving the ordeal, Mrs Holderman said the accident happened while Nicholas was playing with brothers Caleb and Isaac in the living room on September 2.

She said: "I'll never forget that moment. Nothing can prepare you for something like that. We knew that he was injured seriously."

His brother Isaac said: 'When I looked at it close I saw the key in his eye."

Mr Holderman added: "It was a very horrifying sight to see this happen to your baby."

After just six days in hospital, Nicholas was allowed home and has now made a full recovery. His eyesight is perfect, his parents say.

Relieved Mr Holderman said: "Fifteen minutes later for another doctor to say nothing was wrong, we knew it was a miracle from the Lord."

His wife added: "We all grin and look at him and are so thankful, and are reminded every day of what a miracle it truly is."

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Baby Rape MONSTER Is Freed

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:17

A MONSTER who helped rape a 12-week-old baby walked free from jail yesterday after serving just 30 months of a five-year sentence.
Depraved Tanya French, 21, sparked outrage in 2006 after it emerged she attacked the tot while lover Alan Webster filmed it on video.

She and Webster, 42, were both jailed for raping the baby while babysitting in Hatfield, Herts.

A family source said last night: “The idea of French being out and able to rebuild her life is sickening. Angry does not even begin to describe how we feel.

“The sentences left us all in pieces. We’ve done our best to move on since then but to find out French has been released brings everything back.”

Porn addict Webster later said the rape and other attacks — over a two-month period — formed part of a “wish list” of sexual acts he wanted to perform.

But fury erupted when a judge only handed him a six-year life sentence and French five years.

Bags of protests ... The Sun’s petition mail
More than 175,000 Sun readers signed our petition to get the jail sentences reviewed and Webster’s term was increased by two years by the Appeal Court.

Last night the Ministry of Justice insisted the law required them to release French because she had served half her sentence.

A source added: “Risks posed by sexual and violent offenders are closely assessed. If offenders breach their conditions they will be returned to prison.”

DO you know where Tanya French is? Call our newsdesk on 0207 782 4104 or email us at 63000@thesun.co.uk


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Re: Archived news

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:18


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Mother-of-three jailed for sex with boy

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:19

A mother-of-three sobbed uncontrollably in the dock at court yesterday when she was jailed for 15 months for having sex with a boy.

Grace Allen, 35, a family support worker, admitted three offences of sexual activity with the teenager when he was 15.

Lori Tucker, prosecuting at Norwich Crown Court, said the offences came to light when the youth's father picked up his son's mobile phone this summer and found sexually explicit text messages and nude photographs.

Mrs Tucker said: “There had been an ongoing relationship between Allen and the youth. They had been e-mailing each other. Allen had been told the relationship was inappropriate.

“She agreed to back off but they continued to see each other. She had been told by the youth's father to leave his son alone.”

Mrs Tucker said they first met when the youth was 14 and when 15 their relationship “started to blossom.”

Allen, of Hazel Close, King's Lynn, was arrested, admitted having a number of liaisons with the youth and said she was “flattered” he found her attractive.

The youth later admitted to his mother that he and Allen had been having a full sexual relationship.

She said Allen was of previous good character, adding: “He was a willing party and there is no victim impact statement.”

Neil Guest, for Allen, said Allen had attempted suicide and lost her reputation and self-respect. He added: “She is remorseful. She has been racked with remorse. She is an excellent mother.”

Mr Guest said the relationship might well continue.

Judge Peter Jacobs jailed Allen for a total of 15 months, put her on the sex offenders' register for 10 years and banned her from ever working with children.

He told her: “The effect of this has been devastating on the family and the relationship between the boy and his parents has broken down.

“If this were a 35-year-old man and 15-year-old girl, no one would raise an eyebrow if he was sent to prison. I take into account everything that has been said about you, your frankness and the fact you have a family of your own and that a sentence of imprisonment will be devastating but the message has to go out that for offences of this kind there will be imprisonment.”

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'Dickensian slave' child - parents escape jail

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:21

'Dickensian slave' child - parents escape jail
Tue Dec 09, 2008 7:12 pm

.Parents who locked up daughter and treated her like 'Dickensian slave' escape jail sentence

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:35 PM on 09th December 2008

A young girl who was locked in her room all night when she was starving hungry and made to do all the household chores for her family was exposed to abuse worthy of a Dickens novel, a judge said.

The teenager was excluded from normal family life to the point where she was even banned from the bathroom - apart from one shower a week - and made to use an outside toilet.

She was forbidden from playing with her half-brother and half-sister and stopped from having any books, despite her passion for reading.

Starved of love or affection, she enviously watched her siblings being hugged, cuddled and doted on.

Too busy with chores before school, she was never given breakfast, said Adrienne Lucking, prosecuting at Leicester Crown Court.

When allowed to eat, she ate separately in another room, and was often left so hungry she had to steal food, the jury heard.

The girl, from the New Parks area of Leicester, would be severely punished if she was caught even taking a triangle of Dairylea cheese from the fridge.

Between the ages of 12 and 14 she endured the misery of having her sparse and poorly-decorated bedroom regularly searched, in case she had hidden a book from school to read.

Shabbily dressed, skinny and unclean, her classmates called her a 'tramp.'

Mrs Lucking said: 'She wasn't allowed in the same room as her mother, who didn't want to be near her and would send her upstairs. She was told she was excluded from the family.'

She could only watch television in the lounge if her mother was out.

The distressed youngster was also left out from family days out, including a trip to Alton Towers.

After years of silent suffering she told a shocked classroom assistant she was locked up every night between 8.15pm and 7am.

She said her mother had a bad temper and described feeling left out, unwanted and unloved. An investigation followed.

A paediatrician's report said the underweight girl had suffered 'long-standing neglect and emotional abuse'. She also needed attention to her eyesight and teeth.

Her mother, in her early thirties, and step-father, in his mid-forties, admitted cruelty to the girl between February 2006 and May this year.

They were each given two-year community orders, with a specified activity programme and 300 hours of unpaid work.

The defendants' children are all currently 'safe and well' in care, said Mrs Lucking.

The parents, who are not being named, have supervised contact with the two youngest children - who were not ill-treated - and there is a chance they will be returned home in the future.

However the victim, now 15, wants no further contact and will not be going back.

After initial denials, the mother admitted to police she was 'horrible' to her eldest, keeping her segregated and locking her in her room, knowing it was wrong.

She admitted her behaviour was cruel and degrading and was sorry.

The father failed to intervene and allowed the ill-treatment and, by neglect, was a party to it.

Isabel Wilson, defending the mother, said: 'She accepts she didn't meet her child's basic needs.'

She was mistreated by her former partner - the child's father - when pregnant with the girl and resented her afterwards.

Miss Wilson said: 'There was no physical assault, but she accepts she caused emotional and psychological damage.'

Steven Newcombe, defending the father, said: 'He has the weaker personality and didn't feel able to step in. The public may think this couple deserve a taste of their own medicine by going to prison because what they did to that girl was pretty awful.'

He added that custody would impede the good work to reunite the parents and their two youngest.

Judge Christopher Plunkett said: 'When first I read the (legal) papers about this I thought I was reading something from the pen of Charles Dickens. He was an author well able to note the misery that adults inflict on children.

'Your long standing mistreatment of your daughter went well beyond systematic selfishness and far into the act of cruelty.

'You had her act as a skivvy for you in your home and now you can do the same (unpaid work) for the benefit of the community.'

He said they richly deserved two years imprisonment, but was not imposing immediate custody for the sake of their two youngest children.


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Re: Archived news

Post  Guest on Thu 20 May - 0:27

Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:33 am

.7:30am UK, Saturday December 27, 2008
The parents of an autistic boy who drowned during a Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris have demanded a safety check at their hotel.

Karen Canning and David Bradley, from Derry, are calling for answers to how their five-year-old son Colum Canning fell into the pool at the Explorers hotel.

The heartbroken couple spent Christmas caring for Colum's twin brother Kieran and their seven-year-old daughter Caitlin, but are now preparing to lay Colum to rest.

"Colum was just a typical wee boy who was so happy, so loving and so full of energy," the couple said in a statement.

"Christmas was always such a special time for us as a family and all the children were so excited at this time of year, with the boys celebrating their birthday on St Stephen's Day."

Staff at the Thomas Cook-owned three-star Explorers Hotel close to the Disney resort confirmed there had been no lifeguard on duty when Colum fell into the water.

Colum disappeared from his mother's view shortly after the family arrived at the venue.

The boy was quickly discovered in the water by another guest who jumped in and dragged him out, but he had already lost consciousness.

Colum died in hospital after his parents took the decision to switch his life-support machine off. They agreed to donate their son's organs.

The couple said they would be demanding a check of safety measures in the hotel.

"We are very concerned to learn there was no lifeguard on duty. As parents our first instinct is always to protect our children.

"Therefore, it is very difficult for us to come to terms with the fact there was no-one around to look after them in the pool."

The parents revealed how the child went missing within seconds, before the tragedy quickly unfolded.

"Karen had only turned around to fetch a camera to take a picture of our three children and when she turned she could only see two faces.

"She instantly panicked and could not find him anywhere. At first she thought he was just hiding. The employee on duty at the desk near the pool said he did not see him.

"Not long after Karen noticed the commotion by the pool and just knew it was Colum."

After the tragedy a spokesman for travel agent Thomas Cook said its deepest sympathy was with the family.

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Five-year-old girl suffers 'life changing,' facial injuries after bulldog attack.

Post  AnnaEsse on Mon 31 May - 21:48

This is so sad. Life changing facial injuries. Isn't that just so awful.

BBC News

A five-year-old girl suffered "life-changing"
facial injuries when she was attacked by her family's pet American
bulldog as she bent down to kiss it.

Tanisha Hall's stepfather also suffered injuries to his arm as
he grappled with the dog.

Police had been called to Hanemill Court, Northampton, at 1915
BST on Sunday.

The breed is not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act, police

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said the dog "was
contained at the scene" and had been put down by a vet.

Tanisha's grandfather, John Hall, said she was having surgery
on her face and was expected to be in hospital for several days.

He said Tanisha had bent down to kiss the dog when the attack

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Colorado mom accused of killing 6-month-old son because she thought he showed signs of autism

Post  hobnob on Tue 8 Jun - 18:47

Published June 08, 2010
Associated Press


BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — Police say a woman accused of killing her infant son did it because she believed the boy was autistic and thought his condition would "ruin" her life.

Stephanie Rochester, 34, was charged Monday with murder in the June 1 suffocation death of her 6-month-old son, Rylan. According to an affidavit seeking her arrest, Rochester wanted to commit suicide but didn't want to "burden her husband" with the potentially autistic boy.

The affidavit says that the night before the infant died, Stephanie and Lloyd Rochester "talked about how they wanted to have fun in life."

"Stephanie said that she knew they would not have fun while they were caring for a severely autistic child," according to the affidavit, written by Boulder County sheriff's Detective Mark Spurgeon.

The woman told police she had worked with autistic children as a hospital counselor and believed her son had the developmental disorder, which affects a person's ability to communicate and interact with others. Pediatricians said Rylan was progressing normally.

Stephanie Rochester's lawyer, Boulder County public defender Megan Ring, did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press seeking comment.

Spurgeon wrote that the night Rylan died, his mother placed three baby blankets on top of his face, then went downstairs to plan a vacation to Cape Cod with her husband. She got up around 2:30 a.m. and put more blankets over the baby, police said.

At about 6 a.m., Stephanie Rochester took the blankets off Rylan's head and "just lost it when she realized what she had done," according to the affidavit. She and Lloyd Rochester took Rylan to Avista Hospital in Louisville, where he was pronounced dead.

Rochester was being held on suicide watch. She's due back in court for a status conference June 24 and is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Sept. 8.

Rochester's friends and family, including her mother, were in the courtroom Monday, but her husband was not.

District Attorney Stan Garnett told the Daily Camera newspaper that he is unlikely to seek the death penalty in the case.

Another innocent dies at the hands of a selfish parent.
A parent who put their own fun social life before that of caring for their child.

They say they may not press for the death penalty, i think they should.
She did it not for altruistic reasons but because her son was going to spoil her fun.
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India - Statewide child trafficking ring busted, 4 women arrested

Post  Guest on Sun 20 Jun - 23:27

Statewide child trafficking ring busted, 4 held

Jun 21, 2010

CHENNAI - In a new twist to a child kidnapping racket busted recently, the Chennai suburban police on Saturday night arrested four women, who were part of the trafficking network and worked for a city-based fertility clinic, indicating the statewide ramifications of the case.

The women, including two ‘ayahs’ working in the hospital, are said to have identified buyers among patients who came to the clinic for treatment. While Nancy and Asha looked after the stolen babies, Kavitha, 33, and Andal, 47, identified a potential buyer for one of the babies.

The development adds another dimension to the child trafficking network, the second big one in recent times to be unearthed by the state police. In 2005, police had cracked an adoption racket involving an agency that sourced kidnapped babies and gave them away in adoption to couples abroad. CBI is still investigating the case. Police suspect that the latest case, involving a gang operating across TN, may have links to networks in other states as well.

Police confirmed that Saturday’s arrests were part of the child abduction racket that came to light when Krishnagiri police arrested seven members of a gang, most of them operating in Chennai and its suburbs. Deputy commissioner of police (Madhavaram), Annie Vijaya, told TOI, “The arrests are a continuation of the child trafficking racked busted in Krishnagiri (in May). We have been exchanging information with the Krishnagiri police and following up leads.”

It was in May that police first arrested several members of a gang and rescued nine babies from them. During interrogation of an accused, Dhanalakshmi, police found that several woman, posing as social workers, and a church priest, father Alphonse, believed to be the kingpin in the racket, were involved in an inter-state racket of stealing and selling babies to childless couples for price ranging from Rs 50,000 to a couple of lakhs of rupees. Those arrested included a woman, M Lalitha, a self-proclaimed social worker, running an orphanage in Puducherry. The woman used the unlicensed orphanage she ran to source babies and sell them to childless couples.

The alleged brain behind the four women arrested on Saturday, Jayaprasad, was picked up in Krishnagiri. Police also rescued two babies from the gang — an eight-month-old girl and a one-year-old baby boy. The children have been handed over to authorities of a government home.


Network of child kidnapping racket unearthed in suburban Chennai


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Sex Offender Expert Urges Parents To Look For Warning Signs

Post  Guest on Tue 22 Jun - 8:45

Sex Offender Expert Urges Parents To Look For Warning Signs

June 10, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A state sex offender specialist says parents need to keep communication lines open with children and heed red flags.

David Berenson is a sex offender specialist with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. He has extensive experience working with prisoners convicted of sex crimes.

Berenson said 90 percent of sex offenders molest victims they know and 90 percent of the victims are female.

Berenson said there is a difference between pedophiles and child molesters. He says pedophiles typically are attracted to children ages 13 and under and they only fantasize about having sex with victims of those ages.

He said child molestors typically aim for older teenagers, but also have sex with age-appropriate partners.

Berenson explained that pedophiles are, "Extremely secretive. They're masters at secrecy. They are also masters at communicating with children."

He described pedophiles as good listeners of children, who often appear caring. But, he said, they also can be devious, manipulative and entice children at the same time.

He said parents need to watch out for adults who spend an unusual amount of time with children and give them a lot of attention.

"If your child gives you any clue that something is going on or could be going on, believe that child and take it from there and probe more in depth into what's going on," said Berenson.

He said 80 percent of convicts' victims are 17 and under and 50 percent of the victims are 12 and under.


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Southern Australia - Nature call sparks child abduction scare

Post  Guest on Wed 23 Jun - 6:08

Nature call sparks scare

June 23, 2010

UPDATE: A MAJOR child-abduction scare in Hobart has been sparked by an urgent call of nature.

An 11-year-old boy fled into the bush at Peter Murrell Reserve near Blackmans Bay after a couple in a car passed him several times while he was riding his bike home from St Aloysius Catholic College on Monday evening and stopped in front of him.

The boy told police that a blonde woman got out of the car and followed him, crawling in the park and hiding behind trees.

The boy feared he was was being pursued by the strangers and reported the incident to police, who increased surveillance in the area and issued a stranger danger warning to surrounding schools.

The report also raised concerns that a suspicious couple who had made attempts to lure children into their car on Hobart's Eastern Shore last month were on the prowl in Kingborough.

However, the police today said that two women had contacted them this morning identifying themselves as the occupants of the vehicle.

"They were looking for the grandchild of one of the women who had not arrived home from school,” Acting Inspector Adam Stanwix said.

“One of the women did enter the bush for a nature call. Both women are concerned about the distress they unintentionally caused the child,'' Insp Stanwix said.

“It is regrettable that there has been considerable community alarm caused by the reporting of this incident, particularly when police had stressed the incident may not have been malicious," he said.
Insp Stanwix said there was no evidence to suggest there was a connection between the incident and several reports of a couple attempting to entice children into their car on Hobart's Eastern Shore last month.

"There was no physical or verbal attempt to lure him into the car," Acting Insp Stanwix said.

"We have liaised with Eastern CIB, but there is nothing to indicate at this stage that the matters are linked in any way."

He said police hoped to gain a detailed description of the alleged offenders from the child during interviews last night.

Police were forced to suspend the interview on Monday because the boy was so distressed he developed a migraine, which left him vomiting uncontrollably.

The boy's mother Jane, who did not want her surname used for fear of identifying her son, said she felt sick and angry about the incident.


Feared abduction attempt was just a misunderstanding


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Outrage over woman in sex dance youtube video with kids

Post  Guest on Thu 24 Jun - 17:56

Outrage over woman in sex dance video with kids

Published: 23 June 2010

DIRTY DANCING: The offensive video

A WOMAN has caused widespread outrage after a video showing her dancing scantily clad with two children pinning pretend money on her was posted on YouTube.

The heavyset woman appears in the two-minute clip wearing nothing more than a belly-top and shorts as she sings and proactively dances along to a song.

She is accompanied by two young boys, thought to be her kids - the eldest appears roughly five-years-old - who sing and dance with her. The younger of the two spends the entire ‘music video’ attempting to pin a money to the woman.

The video caused outrage among the online community, with one angry commenter called peacefulkitty123 saying: “Somebody should rip out her fallopian tubes and choke her with them!!!!!!!!!”

While another disgusted viewer wrote: “This is so not funny! This is disgusting and degeneracy at it's worst! She should not be exposing those children to this and she had done it a lot because they know what they are doing!  She should lose those damn kids. She's psycho!! I feel sorry for those little boys and the women in their futures. They need to be REMOVED from her!!”


N.B. Thankfully the video has since been removed from youtube due to terms of use violation.

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California couple tried to sell baby at Walmart

Post  AnnaEsse on Fri 25 Jun - 10:20

Patrick Fousek (38) and Samantha Tomasini (20)

A California couple faces child endangerment charges after police say
they tried to sell their 6-month-old baby for $25 outside a Walmart

Salinas police spokesman, Officer Lalo Villegas, said Thursday that
Patrick Fousek, 38, and Samantha Tomasini, 20, were arrested early
Wednesday, hours after Fousek allegedly approached two women outside
Walmart and asked if they'd like to purchase his child.

The women initially thought Fousek was joking, but when he became
persistent, they became suspicious and reported it to police, Villegas

"They did an outstanding job and gave our officers good information. I
don't know if they're mothers but they definitely had that instinct to
help," Villegas said.

Fousek and Tomasini were arrested at 1 a.m. Wednesday at their home.
Officers said the couple appeared high on methamphetamine and the house
was in disarray. A police report also claimed that Tomasini told Child
Protective Services, who took the baby, that she had breast-fed the
infant while under the influence, Villegas said.

The couple was also booked on charges of being under the influence of
narcotics, and Fousek was also served with an extra charge of violating
probation. Villegas did not have details of Fousek's previous brush with
the law.

The couple was expected to be in court for an arraignment Friday, at
which time they would be assigned public defenders.

ABC News

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Woman superimposed face of daughter's classmate on image of woman having sex with a dog

Post  AnnaEsse on Thu 1 Jul - 10:00

This woman was caught on the school's CCTV entering the girls' toilets and posting the images, where she had also added abusive and offensive text about her daughter's classmate. She also posted the flyers in some students' lockers.

She had found an image on the internet of an adult female having sex with a dog. She superimposed the 13 year-old's face and distributed the poster round the school.


Discussion about 37 year-old Denette Stark's actions on CNN video, linked to above.

She is facing 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

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Re: Archived news

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