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Woman said she couldn't remember what she'd done with her newborn baby.

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Woman said she couldn't remember what she'd done with her newborn baby.

Post  AnnaEsse on Tue 25 May - 16:50

May 15th

INDIANAPOLIS -- A desperate search was under way
Friday night for a missing newborn whose mother said she couldn't
remember where she left the infant.

Tasha B. Miller, 19, went to Methodist Hospital on Wednesday, where
doctors determined she was suffering from a severe infection related to
complications after having given birth.

When police questioned Miller on the whereabouts of her child, they said
she was confused and gave several different stories.

Miller originally told police that she had given birth to a girl by
herself at her home in the 600 block of East 11th Street on Monday
morning, but later said she was assisted by a friend who is a midwife,
police said.

After the baby was born, Miller said she was going to take the infant to
a Safe Haven location, but said she couldn't find one and couldn't
remember if she left the baby on the side of an interstate, put the
infant on the porch of a home or threw the infant out of car window.

Investigators said Miller then changed her story and said that she had,
in fact, returned to her apartment, and then she realized the baby was
not moving, police said.

She told police she put the baby in a
shoe box, put the box in a bag and put the bag in her apartment's
outdoor trash bin.

Police later searched that bin, and several
others in the area, but did not find anything. No remains were found in
the Clinton County landfill, where trash from the Dumpster was taken.

have no specific idea where this infant may be," said Indianapolis
police Lt. Jeff Duhamell. "The last thing we knew, she said she put it
in a shoebox, placed it in a Victoria's Secret bag and threw it in the

"Miller tested positive for marijuana at the hospital.
She told police she didn't know she was pregnant until five or six
months into the pregnancy, and that she hadn't told anyone.

think there is a possibility that the baby is still alive and that they
are pursuing all leads and information.

May 25th

No sign of infant remains in landfill search.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis police found no
remains of a missing infant in a massive 10-hour search of an area
landfill on Monday.

Tasha Miller, 19, was lodged in the Marion
County Jail on a neglect charge after she gave police several different
stories about where she left her newborn daughter, 6News' Rick Hightower

Authorities said Miller told them that she gave birth
to the child at her apartment downtown earlier this month.

Miller said that she left the infant at a Safe Haven location -- a story
that turned out to be untrue, police said. Investigators think the most
believable story was that she trashed the newborn, who she said died at
birth, into a Dumpster outside her apartment.

Police tracked the
contents of the Dumpster to a landfill in Clinton County, near
Frankfort, where a massive search started at about 10 a.m. on Monday.
Crews sifted through more than 2,000 tons of trash, but did not find any
remains, police said.

"Highly frustrating," said Indianapolis
police Deputy Chief William Benjamin. "We actually had a couple people
affected by heat stroke, and after they recovered, they wanted to go
back up on the hill."

Miller was charged last week with felony neglect after failing to
produce the child's remains by a noon Friday deadline."She has to
now ask for a detective in order for us to talk. I'm praying and
hoping that that happens," Benjamin said. "We're not going to quit on
this case."Detectives plan to regroup on Tuesday to discuss a new
plan of action."

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