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First 11-M convict released after just six years

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First 11-M convict released after just six years

Post  Guest on Mon 14 Jun - 22:19

By: thinkSPAIN , Sunday, June 13, 2010

A MAN accused of transporting explosives used in the 2004 Madrid train bombing has been released after just six years behind bars.

G.M.V., now 22, was just 16 when he was arrested and tried – and as a minor, the law places restrictions on how long he could be sentenced.

The first suspect to be tried and found guilty over the 11-M terrorist attack at Atocha station was freed yesterday, but will be under constant vigilance.

His sentence was reduced from the original eight years – the maximum for a minor for this type of offence – to six, to prevent his having to spend the last two years of his sentence in an adult prison.

According to Spanish law, convicted minors – who are automatically placed in a youth detention centre – have to be transferred to a mainstream prison once they reach 23 years of age if their sentence has not yet been served.

The youth detention centre's manager said the accused had 'made progress' but that he still had 'certain psychological characteristics' thought to be harmful.

As a result, she felt that placing him in an adult prison 'would not be favourable to his personal development', and that he 'needed to be separated' from the 'social

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