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Post  Panda on Sun 1 Aug - 16:25

This is an article by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail

Another PM bows to the EU diktat, will they never give us a referendum and let us decide how our Country is

Shock: Home Secretary Theresa May announced to the House of Commons that the UK will opt into a controversial measure to strengthen cooperation among European police forces
Mrs Theresa May, the Liberal Conservative Home Secretary, was making a shameful statement. She announced that the Government was following European orders by imposing on this country the European Investigation Order.

This gives EU police forces new powers over ours and is another step towards the snuffing out of our independent legal system. You will hear of it in years to come, and wonder: ‘How did that happen?’ This is how it happened.

Tory loyalists, who believed David Cameron’s stern pledges of no more concessions
to the EU, ought to be shocked by this. But ­forget them. Such wilful dupes, in my view, richly deserve to be governed by confidence tricksters. What about the rest of us, who don’t? We should learn from what ­happened next.

As Mrs May trilled her naive approval of this surrender to the power of Brussels, the sound of sycophantic slobbering could be heard rising from the Labour benches. Most glutinous of all were the words from the fanatical Labour Europhile Chris ­Bryant.

He simpered: ‘May I warmly thank the Home Secretary for adopting this sensible, pragmatic and pro-European policy? I look forward to sending her a membership form for the European Movement.’

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Another Labour Euro-toady, Mike Gapes, remarked triumphantly that her plans ‘are ­welcome, and represent a move away from Europhobia’.

The Shadow Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, rose cheerfully to greet her statement. With ghastly flirtatiousness, Mrs May simpered back at him: ‘I welcome the positive and constructive approach that the right honourable gentleman has taken today.

Sadly, we are about to go into recess, so he and I must find a means of meeting other than across the Dispatch Box in the coming weeks.’ Yuck.

But Mr Johnson was also exulting at the total powerlessness of the remaining conser­vative Tories. He sneered that the ‘real opposition’ would come from what he called the ‘Brokeback Tendency’ behind her.

And so it did. Several Tory MPs protested and were brushed aside. They were powerless against this monstrous coalition of the Liberal Elite, which has seized their party in a sort of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

The trouble with the Brokeback Tendency is that this is too good a name for them. They are broken-backed, irresolute, willing to wound but afraid to strike.

They still fear to defy David Cameron, though he never hesitates to trample on them and on all that they believe in.

The longer they wait for the ideal moment, the deeper they are slurped into the quicksands of the liberal centre. As Mr Cameron has himself pointed out, True Grit would be a better name under which to rally.
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