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5 year-old found after around 24 hours in Oregon forest.

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5 year-old found after around 24 hours in Oregon forest.

Post  AnnaEsse on Fri 6 Aug - 15:34


A family in Oregon is breathing a collective sigh of relief with their little boy home safe after disappearing just hours away from where Kyron Horman vanished in June.

The family of 5-year-old Isaak Glenn feared the worst when he wandered into the woods of Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park and disappeared. As night fell and dawn came there was no sign of the little boy.

While teams from the local police and the FBI combed the dense forest, it was a father and son team that eventually spotted the little boy on Thursday afternoon after driving 90 miles to the campsite to help with the search.

"At one point we were calling Isaak's name and we got a response," Pete Barrell told "Good Morning America." "It was a miracle."

"I think he shouted, 'I'm here,' or something," Barrell said.

Isaak had already been missing overnight when Barrell read about his disappearance in a local newspaper. Remembering the desperation he felt when he lost his own son in the Oregon wilderness for a few hours several years ago, he grabbed his son Mason and hopped in the car.

"I guess just being a father inspired me to do something to help," Barrell said. "In a small way I could sympathize."

After checking in with a state trooper, Barrell and his son headed north of where Isaak was last seen, walking along creek beds not yet searched. Then they heard his tiny voice.

"He was way up a very steep hillside," Barrell said, adding that he and Mason had to traverse the creek and muddy wetlands to climb up to the little boy. "He had gone up and over quite a mountain."

Mason Barrell reached him first.

"He initially asked us who we were and how we knew him," Mason Barrell said. He said he told the little boy that they had been sent by his parents to find him.

"He was pretty terrified, but he wasn't crying," Pete Barrell said. "He was wide eyed."

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