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Post  kitti on Wed 11 Aug - 14:50

Now that the 2012 olympics are coming up, off which i think as I am paying extra money on my poll tax for i should get at least one free pass for a day if i wanted to go, which i dont...we, in the uk have been told HOW TO BEHAVE for when this great event takes place.

Dont blink or it will upset the whoever

Dont smile as it will upset the japanese

Be careful not to scratch your nose in front off a whichever country it upsets

blah blah blah...dont do this in case.....dont do that in case......

FFS this is the United kingdom, if i want to scatch my nose do i have to ask a japanese person's permission or do i tell him/her to 'look the other way', thats presuming i can tell the diff between a japanese/chinese/korean citizen!!

Is this a windup?

I also think we only got the olympics as KNOWONE wanted to take this large product on costing BILLIONS...i dont blame them either.

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