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Night Vision Goggles Lead To Molestation Arrest

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Night Vision Goggles Lead To Molestation Arrest

Post  Guest on Tue 17 Aug - 17:54

Night Vision Goggles Lead To Molestation Arrest

Arizona School Teacher Arrested On Child Sex Charges

July 2, 2010

An Arizona elementary school teacher was arrested on charges of child molestation after police, wearing night vision goggles, said they watched her having sex from a distance.

Gila River police said they were working on a case near Arizona Highway 84 in Stanfield when a white SUV pulled off the roadway. Using night vision goggles, the officers said they observed two individuals in the vehicle appearing to have consensual sex.

Police said the male and female got out of the vehicle and began to argue.

Officers identified the woman as Andrea Martinez, 26, and later learned the other occupant in the vehicle is 14 years old. Both admitted to having sexual intercourse with each other.

Martinez is a school teacher with the Stanfield Elementary School District and a former teacher of the boy.

The boy also said he had sexual intercourse last month with Martinez, police said.

"It is very upsetting that an adult would take advantage of a child, especially when the adult is placed in a position of trust such as Ms. Martinez,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said.

The Stanfield Elementary School District was notified of the arrest.



Night-vision goggles catch alleged child molester Andrea Martinez


Pinal County Government Website


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