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Perth man jailed for posting daughter on pedophile website

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Perth man jailed for posting daughter on pedophile website

Post  Guest on Tue 17 Aug - 21:11

Perth man jailed for posting daughter on pedophile website

Todd Cardy, court reporter

October 15, 2009 03:40pm

A PERTH man who posted photos of his three-year-old daughter on a pedophile website has been jailed for three years for a string of child pornography crimes.

The man, 42, who cannot be named because it would identify his daughter, was caught uploading three images of his daughter on a website under the post: ``pics of my 3-year-old nip slip’’, and he planned to post more.

He was sentenced today in the Perth District Court after pleading guilty to supplying child pornography by posting the pictures, and indecently dealing with his daughter by showing her child pornography on one occasion.

He also pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing child pornography.

Child Protection Squad detectives swooped on the man’s Bertram house in March last year following an international operation code named Operation Keiko, which targeted an online pedophile ring.

WA police arrested 18 people in the bust after information was collected from intelligence agencies including Interpol, Europol, Belgian and Dutch police, US authorities, Queensland police and the Australian Federal Police.

The District Court today heard the photos of the man's daughter, which were found by police after forensic analysis of his work computer, showed her around his house.

She was clothed in all photos but her underwear was shown in one and she had her chest exposed in another.

Under the pictures he added the message: ``My gifts to the Royals’’, and he wrote he intended to post further images of his daughter in the future.

District Court chief judge Antoinette Kennedy today told the married father of four that while the posted pictures weren’t pornographic, he deserved to be punished for distributing them.

``I'm sure that there are pictures like that of two and three-year-old children in almost every home in the state but the gravamen of the offence here is that you’ve posted the pictures of your own child on an Internet website for pedophiles,’’ Judge Kennedy told the court.

Judge Kennedy said the man’s marriage had broken down, he no longer had contact with his children and he had lost his job.

She said he was unlikely to reoffend and had been through a sex offenders' course since being arrested.

The man was sentenced to a total of three years jail for all crimes and will be eligible for parole after serving half his sentence.


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