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Woman who made indecent child video goes free

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Woman who made indecent child video goes free

Post  Guest on Tue 17 Aug - 21:45

Woman who made indecent child video goes free

Thursday, 29 October 2009

A woman who made a video on her mobile phone of a young girl having simulated sex with a toy walked free from court today.

Donna Hudson, 33, was given a suspended prison sentence after admitting making the footage of a three-year-old girl having simulated sex with a Bob the Builder toy.

Hudson also admitted downloading indecent images on to her personal computer.

The disturbing footage was discovered by officers who seized her mobile phone, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

She told officers "she thought it was a laugh".

Her personal computer was also seized and officers discovered the indecent images. They had been downloaded on two occasions and were graded at level three and four, with five being the most serious.

Her computer also revealed details of conversations she had had on the internet with a man.

It was while in an internet chat room that Hudson revealed an "unhealthy interest" in sex with children and that she got pleasure from watching 13-year-old girls engage in sexual activity, the court was told.

Ian Groom, defending, said Hudson had already suffered in her local community where she was the subject of an arson attack.

A property on Boswell Street, Rossington, South Yorkshire, where Hudson used to live, was mistakenly targeted.

Hudson had already moved out of the street but eight members of a family - including four young children - managed to escape.

Mr Groom said: "It is clear from the defendant's personal history she is somebody who is vulnerable and was looking through the internet for love and relationships."

Judge John Bullimore said Hudson had a "disorientated approach to sexual matters" and local people had rightly been disturbed by her behaviour.

However, he said he was able to impose a 22-week prison sentence suspended for two years after reading reports into her background.

He imposed other restrictions on Hudson, which included not working with children and undertaking counselling.

She was also made subject of a supervision order.

Hudson pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to five counts of making indecent photographs of children.

She was due to face trial on 13 charges but the prosecution accepted her pleas and the remaining counts were left to lie on file.



Woman escapes prison after making child porn videos.


Web chatroom pervert spared prison term over child porn


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Re: Woman who made indecent child video goes free

Post  Guest on Tue 17 Aug - 21:46

Do you believe the sentence in this case is unduly lenient? The Attorney General has power to ask the Court of Appeal to review some sentences which she thinks are unduly lenient. If the Court of Appeal agrees with the Attorney General it can increase the sentence.

Parliament has placed two important limits upon the scheme:

a strict 28 day time limit, from the day the sentence was passed. It's very important that concerns about sentences which may be unduly lenient come to the Attorney General quickly

the sentence must be for one of these offences:

* more serious crimes which can be dealt with only in the Crown Court, such as murder, rape and robbery
* some sex crimes, especially those involving children, but also indecent assault and some other sex crimes
* child cruelty
* threats to kill
* some serious frauds
* some drugs crimes
* some racially or religiously aggravated crimes
* attempting or inciting any of the above.


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Re: Woman who made indecent child video goes free

Post  Guest on Tue 17 Aug - 21:48

Donna Hudson banned from Doncaster

She was banned from Doncaster unless there for supervised visits to see her own children, banned from using any kind of recording device, and banned from working with children for life.

She was also put on the sex offenders' register and must undergo counselling and live at approved premises for six months.


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Re: Woman who made indecent child video goes free

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