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Screaming Tessa frees Zoe out of the hands of abductor

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Screaming Tessa frees Zoe out of the hands of abductor

Post  Bebootje on Mon 11 Oct - 9:01

Roosendaal, Prov. Brabant (The Netherlands)
Girl saves niece from kidnapper.
- Saturday afternoon, a 9-year old girl from Roosendaal prevented her cousin of six years old was taken by a man. The police managed to arrest the suspect later.

On Saturday afternoon at about 5 o clock the two nieces Tessa of 9 and Zoe of 6 years old were walking the dog, Rakker. It was the first time that they were allowed to do so, and immediately the last, the father Marco Spitters stated. While Tessa was watching a squirrel a man behind her back grabbed her niece who held the dog, by the arm and pulled her along. When looked back she saw the dog running loose and Zoe walking with the man. Together with the dog she ran while screaming out loudly, afther the man with Zoe. That impressed while the kidnapper after about 150 meters let go of the child.

The police managed a few hours later to arrest the man in the Brabant city Halsteren. The motive of the man is still unclear, a spokesman for the police stated
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