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Baby Peter....

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Baby Peter....

Post  kitti on Fri 29 Oct - 16:22

...50 times he could off been saved.

50 times let down.

Who do i blame most....Ward.


She was negligent, she let him down, she could off saved him...so shes to blame more than the others.

Three times in the last few weeks off baby peters life ward was phoned and three times she never replied to these calls.

It was a women that was payed to look after baby peter to give his 'mother' a rest.

This women left messages on wards phone explaining to her that baby peter had marks on him and about peters odd behaviour.

You see, peter was showing sings off stress, he was head banging, self harming, but ward never replied to these phone calls so she didnt know or she did and didnt have the time to reply.

'Oh wash that chocolate off his face'.....baby peter replied with a 'smile'.....24 hours later, he was dead.

Ward...i hope that 'smile' haunts you for the rest off your life!
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