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Katie's after a US reality show

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Katie's after a US reality show

Post  malena stool on Sat 29 Jan - 14:15


Candy Bellinger, Jan 29th 2011

With her split from Alex Reid still nice and fresh, Katie Price is reportedly looking to cash in with another reality show... but this time she wants to crack America.

According to The Sun, Katie is keen to establish herself as a reality queen Stateside and, with plenty of divorce trauma all ready to go, she's hoping our American friends will tune in.

Oh, but hang on... what about the kids?

Hmm... she did promise not to put them on the TV again. And how will Pete feel about his children being away during shooting.

Yep, there's a fight on the cards.

A source told The Sun: "A scrap is about to kick off again. She's desperate to build a career in the US and leave another failed marriage behind her.

"She's been in talks with TV execs and a reality show is in the pipeline. But Pete isn't happy because the kids would be away for long periods."

So it looks like Jordan's American dream will just have to wait.

The insider added: "Unless she gives up the kids, she's grounded in the UK."

What do you think? Will the Americans take to Katie? Let us know your thoughts below...

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Many have tried, most have failed - Katie Price is not to be messed with...

Why on earth would the Americans want to take to a rebuilt pumped up botox, silicone and string horror? They have plenty of their own home grown imitation humans.
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