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Drunken US doctor ram raids off licence

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Drunken US doctor ram raids off licence

Post  malena stool on Tue 22 Feb - 17:08


Feb 22nd 2011 By Alastair Plumb
Drunk doctor crashes his car into an off-licence... promptly tries to steal a beer
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We're beginning to think the average car spends more time lodged in the front of buildings than it does on the road. Seriously, if it's not a house or cafe, it seems to be a church roof.

And Dr Joseph Grillo isn't exactly helping matters. The not-so esteemed doctor has been arrested after intentionally driving his SUV into the front of an off-licence... all because he wanted a beer.

CCTV footage shows the doctor calmly smashing his car into the glass doors of the closed Massachusetts store, before hopping out and strolling to the front of the vehicle.

Once there he tried to help himself to one for the road, by reaching around the broken doors to grab a bottle of beer. Unfortunately for him, his arm wasn't quite as long as he thought and he was unable to reach the brew.

If only he'd driven into the liquor store completely, he could have ended up at the counter, just like this motorist. And even if he'd wrecked this barbershop, he could have still got a short back and sides.

Anyway, not appearing to be overly perturbed by his failed ram raid, the doctor - who claimed the crash was accidental - got back into his car and drove off. However, the fact he was dragging a sparking cigarette display prompted police to pull him over.

Grillo was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence - said to be his second DUI offence - and could now lose his licence. Hopefully he won't try to get it sorted by popping into the DMV like this guy.

Read more: http://www.asylum.co.uk/2011/02/22/ram-raid-doctor-just-wanted-a-beer-car-crash/#ixzz1EhyAxvPx

It seems we in the UK don't have the patent on dodgy doctors after all..........
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