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Kidnapped woman's estranged husband and his parents under arrest

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Kidnapped woman's estranged husband and his parents under arrest

Post  AnnaEsse on Mon 28 Mar - 8:26

Fox News

New photos have been released of 25-year old Summer Inman, moments before she was kidnapped Tuesday night outside a bank in Logan, Ohio.

Summer has not been seen since.

Her estranged husband, William Inman II, and his parents, William Inman and Sandra Inman, who lived in an Akron home, have all been arrested and charged with Summer's kidnapping.

Summer and her husband are in the midst of a bitter divorce.

One day after Summer's kidnapping, SWAT team officers from the Akron Police Department descended on the Inman's Faye Road home.

"The SWAT team got out with their shields and their M-16 rifles," neighbor Barry Fishburn said.

Summer's kidnappers were described as two men, with a woman driving who had bleached blonde hair.

Neighbors said police towed several vehicle's from the Inman's home, including a white Ford Crown Victoria , which matched the description of the kidnappers' vehicle.

"The white Crown Vic, I have never seen it only about once or twice sitting there," neighbor John Gucciardo said.

Neighbors said the Inman's moved into the southwest Akron neighborhood last summer, and kept to themselves.

"I'm hoping that it comes out good. But talking from the police officer that came into our home to interview us that same night, you know, he really couldn't say much, but he says it not looking good," Gucciardo said.

Investigators are asking the public to help in the search for Summer by checking their property, including any outbuildings, fields, nearby streams, park grounds, etc., especially those areas close to a roadway, for any signs of recent suspicious activity or clothing similar to what Summer was wearing at the time of her abduction.

Summer was last seen in a dark t-shirt, with the words, "I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem" written on it.

Police are asking that if you find anything, do not touch it, merely back off, note the location, and contact the Logan Police Department immediately at 740-385-6868.

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