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British man defrauded in Nigerian scam in Madrid

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British man defrauded in Nigerian scam in Madrid

Post  mara thon on Sat 30 Apr - 23:20


The victim paid out more than 100,000 € in the scam

National Police have arrested a Nigerian man in Madrid, accused of defrauding a British man of 107,000 € using the ‘Nigerian letters’ scam.

The arrested man was part of a Nigerian organisation which convinced the Briton that he was the beneficiary of a large amount of money. They said that the funds had been transferred to Madrid, and for security reasons they needed a large amount of money to free them and make the cash available.

The victim transferred nearly 79,000 € to a bank in the name of the detained and another 28.000 € to an account on Cyprus.
A search of the arrested man’s home led to the impounding of two computers and documents related to the fraud.

Read more: http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_30291.shtml#ixzz1L30zaBkA
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