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China: Dramatic Rescue Of Kidnapped Boy

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China: Dramatic Rescue Of Kidnapped Boy

Post  mara thon on Sat 21 May - 22:51


..Chinese police have rescued a nine-year-old boy who was kidnapped by a gang and held for two days.

The child's ordeal took place in the south-west Yunnan province of the country.

The gang took the boy on Monday and had demanded a ransom of six million yuan, which is just over £500,000.

Police attempted to arrest the gang the following day when they hoped to collect the ransom, but failed because the gang kept changing their location.

Armed police raided the gang's hideout after arresting two suspects who told detectives where the child was being held.

It took police just 30 seconds to enter the house once the operation started.

Four people were arrested and weapons found in the property were confiscated.

These included two replica guns, an electric baton and two daggers.
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