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Murder charge for mother of Palma eight year old

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Murder charge for mother of Palma eight year old

Post  mara thon on Wed 22 Jun - 23:04


The mother and her partner have also been charged with abusing her daughter who died on Sunday
A.M.D., Ainhoa’s mother - EFE

A judge in Palma has ordered preventive custody without bail for the two people arrested for the death of the eight year old girl, Ainhoa, who was admitted to hospital in a coma last Saturday and died from her injuries on Sunday.

The autopsy results released this week show that the child died from a heavy blow to the head, causing her skull to fracture in several places, and ruled out that her death had been accidental as her mother had claimed.

The girl’s mother, 29 year old A.M.D., and her partner, M.G.L., aged 28, have both been charged with murder and regular abuse. The mother had claimed that her daughter had injured herself in a fall from the sofa

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