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Seville court hears Ryanair complaint

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Seville court hears Ryanair complaint

Post  mara thon on Tue 28 Jun - 23:16


Reports indicate that the Prosecutors' Office does not support the airline's action

The Prosecutors' Office in Sevilla on Monday opposed the measures being sought by Ryanair against the Spanish consumers group FACUA.

The Irish airline was demanding a gagging order be placed on the consumer group to stop them making negative comments and observations about the airline.

The FACUA spokesman, Rubén Sánchez, told the EFE news agency that the judge in First Instance Court 22 in Sevilla did not ask for a statement from the President of FACUA, but considered the supplied written documentation to be sufficient.

The prosecutor is reported to have opposed the Ryanair application in court.

FACUA notes that Ryanair is the airline to bring most complaints from consumers to their association, and that they expect a favourable decision from the judge.

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