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.....PM's Coulson claim 'doesn't add up'

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.....PM's Coulson claim 'doesn't add up'

Post  mara thon on Mon 11 Jul - 14:16


..David Cameron's claim he was not aware of serious allegations linking Andy Coulson to a convicted criminal "does not add up", Ed Miliband has said.

The Labour leader said the Prime Minister had "questions to answer" after insisting last week he had not been passed detailed information in the run-up to appointing Mr Coulson as his communications director.

Mr Miliband insisted Mr Cameron has failed to explain away claims the Guardian informed his senior aide, Steve Hilton, that Mr Coulson had rehired Jonathan Rees, a convicted criminal, while he was editor of the News of the World.

He said: "The Prime Minister has a whole series of unanswered questions on this issue. The most important of those is this question about specific information that was passed to him by the Guardian newspaper, or passed to his staff.

"We don't yet know from Downing Street that chain of events but we do know there was an admission that Mr Hilton, a senior aide, talked to the Guardian about specific allegations about Jonathan Rees, that he was a convicted criminal, that the Guardian had evidence he was still taking payments on behalf of newspaper organisations and he was also on trial for a further offence.

"As I understand it Mr Hilton passed that to Mr Llewellyn (chief of staff). These were very serious allegations.

"Mr Cameron said in his press conference on Friday 'I had no specific information' but he did have specific information, or at least his team of staff had specific information. He needs to now explain. I cannot explain the version of events Mr Cameron has put forward. What I'm saying is this account of his does not add up.

"The Prime Minister must explain his position because, frankly, his current explanation does not add up."

Mr Miliband said he was pursuing the "normal course of events to make the Prime Minister come to the House of Commons" to answer questions about the claims.

The Opposition is planning to trigger a Commons vote on Wednesday, calling for a delay in the BSkyB takeover.

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Re: .....PM's Coulson claim 'doesn't add up'

Post  widowan on Mon 11 Jul - 20:56

Gee whiz I guess they DO all have the same lawyer. He knew in general or vaguely had heard but nothing specific!

Well, that kind of prevaricating is not going to help him much in front of Parliament, how unfortunate if he gets stuck with this whole ball of mud now, the government has probably had relations with these people all along but now that people are finding out how low down they really do stoop, David Cameron's going to have dirt all over his nice manicure.

I just hope it comes out that the McCann story is one the papers gave to Clarence to write as he saw fit, and to write lies, if that indeed occurred. Unless the stories all have the same stupid sounding person writing them, it was Clarrie's hand behind most of them and behind most of the quotes attributed to "a family friend" or "family" - people don't all talk the same and write the same way that Clarence does with his "this is in no way them gettingtheir stories straight" and "Kate and gerry have verymuch done everything they could to help the investigation and in no way are suspects" etc etc.

I feel like a media monitor is THERE to do coverups - let's find out what people have managed to find out about what the government is doing, and then try to spin it to its maximum effect or if it is bad, cover it up. If he did the same thing here with McCanns and that comes out, oh WOW!

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