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Abducted boy found

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Abducted boy found

Post  kitti on Thu 14 Jul - 7:42

An 8 year old boy who disappeared in USA has been found......dead.

The boy had been abducted, murdered and dismembered.

The boys body parts were found in a dumpster and when police went to a mans house they found blood on the fridge door and when they opened it......they found two dismembered feet.

Poor little mite ....he went missing the day before whilst going to meet his mother...in a very safe neighbourhood!

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Re: Abducted boy found

Post  mara thon on Thu 14 Jul - 8:43


Boy Dismembered And Found In Freezer
got lost.

Eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky vanished while walking home from a day camp in a safe part of Brooklyn , in New York City.

Police discovered his feet in a freezer in the home of a man who had been seen with Leiby around the time he disappeared.

The rest of Leiby's body was found inside a red suitcase that had been thrown into a large refuse bin in another Brooklyn neighbourhood.

CCTV footage obtained by the police showed the boy wearing his backpack walking down a street with a man, waiting outside a dentist's office while the man went inside and then getting into his car.

Detectives were able to trace the man using records from the dentist's office.

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the alleged suspect, 35-year-old Levi Aron, made statements implicating himself in the boy's death.

When detectives arrived at his flat and asked him where the boy was, he is alleged to have nodded towards the kitchen.

Police then saw blood on the freezer and opened it to discover knives, a cutting board and Leiby's feet.

Mr Kelly said investigators were checking whether Aron has a history of mental illness.

His flat is a mile away from Leiby's home in an ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community. "It is every parent's worst nightmare," Kelly said.
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