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So now we know...

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So now we know...

Post  nospinnaker on Thu 21 Jul - 16:46

So now we know, or at least can begin to reasonably suppose, that the Fleet Street Gang have pretty much made free with people's mobile phones. The sheer news value of the McCann charade would guarantee an interest in their mobiles, and I'm confident that the old phones and the replacement ones will have been the subject of thorough scrutiny.

There's been discussion here in the past about what the police could or couldn't glean from these devices, and what with the revelations in the media and parliament over the past few days we can be pretty confident that:

a) The numbers dialled, the calls received, duration and such will be known to all and sundry.

b) The texts to and fro, who texted, to whom, and what they said will be similarly known.

c) The suggestion in the press today that triangulation data can tell which phone was where and when will be common knowledge among the Fleet Street Gang.

So all that can't be used as evidence in court, for sure. But if it all adds up to what we all think it adds up to, it would surely account for the complete absence of anything from Team McCann at the moment.

Exciting times!
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