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Riots in Tottenham now

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Re: Riots in Tottenham now

Post  Badboy on Thu 22 Sep - 13:33


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Re: Riots in Tottenham now

Post  chrissie on Thu 22 Sep - 13:54

Yes Badboy.


London riots: Millionaire's daughter handed curfew after court appearance
The millionaire parents of a high-flying student have seen their daughter accused of stealing £5,000-worth of electronic goods in the London riots.
London riots, Laura Johnson Laura Johnson left court with her mother (Picture: PA)

A* student Laura Johnson, 19, is facing five charges of burglary after loot was found in a Smart car she was allegedly driving away from a branch of Comet in Charlton, south-east London on August 9.

It was raided during the unrest that swept across England and stock, including TVs and mobile phones, were looted.

Wearing a long grey cardigan, jeans and brown boots, the Exeter university student sat calmly in the court during the brief hearing at Camberwell Green magistrates’ court in south London.

Her parents, Robert and Lindsay, watched as she was released on conditional bail to appear at Inner London crown court on October 5.

Johnson must observe a curfew from 7pm-6am, which is monitored by an electronic tag, and is not allowed to enter London except to visit her lawyers and attend court.

She must also live and sleep at her parents’ £1.25million home in Orpington, south-east London, which has extensive grounds and a tennis court. After the hearing, a man accompanying Johnson forced a path through journalists waiting outside.

She is accused alongside Alexander Elliot-Joahill, 18, who will appear at Camberwell Green magistrates’ court on Wednesday, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Her parents run Avongate, a direct marketing company, and her father holds several directorships.

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/876212-london-riots-millionaires-daughter-handed-curfew-after-court-appearance#ixzz1YgYqtVFa

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Re: Riots in Tottenham now

Post  Badboy on Fri 18 Nov - 22:19


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Re: Riots in Tottenham now

Post  Indigo on Wed 14 Dec - 15:25

Well, well, well.


A gun found near the body of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police, did not have his fingerprints, blood or DNA, a hearing heard today.

Two types of blood were found on the gun - but neither was his, a pre-inquest review was told.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission's lead investigator, Colin Sparrow, admitted there was no scientific evidence to prove the weapon was in Mr Duggan's possession when he was shot dead by Met police on August 4.

Mr Duggan, 29, whose death sparked four days of rioting in London and across the country, was shot by armed officers in Tottenham after police received intelligence he was carrying a gun.

There were reports that he had a weapon hidden in a sock to prevent police finding any forensic links.

Today Michael Mansfield QC, representing the Duggan family, told North London coroner's court the gun was found "14 feet away behind a railing" as he accused the IPCC of issuing "misinformation" and obstructing the family's own investigations by failing to disclose information. In a heated series of exchanges, Mr Sparrow said it had been a "mistake" to have initially suggested Mr Duggan had been killed in a "shoot-out".

After continually refusing to answer questions that could prejudice the investigation, Mr Sparrow nodded his head as Mr Mansfield bluntly summed up: "No blood, no gun, no DNA relating to Mark Duggan?"

Mr Sparrow said claims were also being investigated that witnesses saw a police officer throwing the gun over a fence at the scene.

The court heard that the IPCC had failed to provide the family with an interim pathologist's report on the trajectory of the bullet that killed him, and refused to let the family's own pathologist meet the commission's pathologists.

Mr Mansfield accused the IPCC of failing to secure the crime scene and of moving the minicab Mr Duggan was travelling in when he was shot in Ferry Lane. These claims have since been strongly denied by the IPCC.

Mr Sparrow said the investigation was not due to be completed until April next year.

Mr Duggan was shot after armed officers stopped the minicab in which he was a passenger to carry out an arrest as part of a planned operation. The father of four died of a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Initial reports that Mr Duggan had fired at police were later dismissed by ballistic tests and Scotland Yard apologised to Mr Duggan's family for the "distress" caused to them.

In September his relatives gave a newspaper interview in which they questioned why police had shot him in the chest rather than a non-lethal part of the body.

His mother, Pam Duggan, described him as a "loving boy with a good heart", rejecting his portrayal as a gangster in some media reports, and said that he would not have condoned the spree of violence and crime that followed his death.

Anger over the police's lack of contact with his family was the starting point for the outbreak of social unrest which started in Tottenham on August 6, two days after the killing, and then spread to other parts of the capital and other cities.


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Re: Riots in Tottenham now

Post  Badboy on Tue 20 Dec - 23:09


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Rebuilding after the Riots

Post  Panda on Sat 24 Dec - 10:25

Riot Victims Try To Rebuild Their Lives

To view this content you need Flash and Javascript enabled in your

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Adobe download website.

4:54am UK, Saturday December 24, 2011

Michelle Clifford, senior news correspondent

At a time when families and friends are gathering together many of the
victims of the summer's riots across Britain are still without homes,
businesses, livelihoods.

Tottenham High Road still bears the scars of that weekend of rioting back in August.

Buildings were looted and set alight during the

Hoarding covers a vast space half way up where a jewellers, pawnbrokers and
flats used to be.

Behind the screens lie piles of rubble and stone after the demolition teams
completed their work. It is still a shock to the man who owned the jewellery
shop and who built up his business over a quarter of a century.

Stephen Moore looks dazed walking around the spot where his counter and his
safes once stood:

"To see it completely gone is heartbreaking. This hole is mine and I don't
know how to repair it. I don't know where I am going from here."

Unlike many around him Stephen has a home but he has no way to earn a living.
He has not received any compensation yet from the government and only limited
amounts from a hardship fund.

Stephen Moore lost his business in the riot

He admits to being stressed: "All these months have passed but I feel like I
am still on day one. Getting up in the morning with nothing to do, not going to
work is soul destroying. I have a mountain to climb and I am not doing very

Christmas this year is an irrelevance to him: "I am not in the spirit for it.
I might have a few drinks. I need them but I am not in the spirit." But he says
he "hopes next year starts better than this one ended."

It is already looking like 2012 will be a better year for the young couple
whose flat was above his shop.

Vina Andersson and Dean Pursey have at last got the keys to a new place after
months living with relatives and in a bedsit.

Dean Pursey and Vina Andersson finally have a new

They lost everything to arsonists back in August. They had to flee their flat
as fire consumed the building.

It has been a tough few months but art student Vina now says she is feeling
more settled: "We have moved in, we've got the heating on, the plumbing is
sorted. We can unpack."

There is not that much to unpack though. The fire took all their possessions,
their clothes and Vina's art work.

They have been forced to rely on a hardship fund and the generosity of others
and they both say the kindness of people has helped carry them through.

They also believe that what they went through has made them stronger.

Dean says: "It really opened up my eyes and made me realise I should really
do something with my life now. Because before, we were a bit comfortable at
home. And once you lose everything it is like a new life, it's like a re-birth.
You can start all over again."

Vina agrees: "Once you've been through this you can probably handle anything
in life, anything life throws at you. And that's kind of reassuring."

Their former neighbour, who they have got to know since all being made
homeless agrees they have to embrace life and embrace opportunities now.

Eva-Maria Hess plans on leaving Tottenham

Musician Eva-Maria Hess has found losing everything surprisingly liberating.
She now does not feel weighed down by what she owns and is seizing the moment to
take off around the world.

She has always wanted to do it and plans to stay away for years: "I was stuck
in a rut. But now I don't need to look after anything anymore. For me this was
my sign. And I just thought alright, you don't have anything to carry anymore.
Just go now, this is your sign, just go."

She plans to leave in January. Waving goodbye to Tottenham, possibly for
good. But like many of her neighbours she says she will take with her not just
bad but good memories too.

Of the people who helped out, of the generosity, of the local spirit during
the worst of times.

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Re: Riots in Tottenham now

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