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What is happening in or about .............

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What is happening in or about .............

Post  malena stool on Fri 12 Aug - 10:10

1. What is happening in Libya, how much longer are we going to have a presence.
2. Our economy and recent announced energy price hikes and falling standards of living here in the UK.
3. Phone hacking by Murdoch's empire. Why has reporting on this obscenity dried up
4. Eurozone debt crisis, because it must have some adverse effect on us.
5. Afghanistan, when are we pulling out our troops.
6. Immigration.
7. Employment, just what jobs are being created and where is the labour coming from to fill any posts created.
8. Health care, obscene cuts to Medical and Nursing staff numbers although office staff still being set on.
9. Housing...when are the finance companies going to release funds to buyers instead of paying themselves bonuses.
10. MOD cuts.

Jo Moore the New Labour spin doctor who described the September 11 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre as "a good day to bury bad news" certainly set the gold standard for losing news topics which detract from potential Government embarrassment......

All these topics and many others have taken a back seat in the news recently...and rightly so given the actions of the rioters.. but, they do tend to get forgotten and many pertinent facts do somehow seem to disappear and be quoted as myths....Madeleine McCann's disappearance is a case for example.

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Re: What is happening in or about .............

Post  kitti on Fri 12 Aug - 11:53

Journos still investigate Libya etc but it gets put on the back burner when something better and newsworthy comes on the scene and when the papers have saturated all off this then the things that are on the back burners waiting to be published.....is printed

I always think the papers have piles like....interesting ......very interesting ......boring.........newsworthy(future).....newsworthy(now)......bit like the mcccanns and their boxes....psychic....nutty......etc etc...
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