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Dutch Justice top official accused of child abuse

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Dutch Justice top official accused of child abuse

Post  Bebootje on Tue 6 Sep - 8:00

" Dutch Justice top official accused of child abuse '"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 7:35

The highest official of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Joris D., is accused having abused two Turkish children in the mid-nineties. One of the victims now has filed against D..

The top official was previously accused of abuse of children, but it was not to prosecute due to insufficient evidence. Now there is a declaration, is re-examined, confirming the prosecution. This study one week ongoing.

The two victims say that in the mid-nineties they were picked from the streets by the police to be abused by D. They were 12 and 16 years old and homeless. In a hotel room, the boys were raped. D. works for Justice since 1982 and was on mission in Turkey.

D. denies. He states not even being Turkey at that time.

The victims are not seeking damage payings, said their lawyer Adele van der Plas. They would have waited long to file against D. because they were afraid.

Rumors that D. abused underage boys in Turkey, are doing the rounds for some time. In 2002, Hüseyin B. – in the Netherlands convicted of murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking - claimed that the Netherlands could be blackmailed by Turkey to convict him, because Turkey knew of the abuse. B. is also Kurdish activist. His explanation was deemed implausible.

B. Van der Plas lawyer defended hem at the time a. "Long time it was presumed that the evidence that we had was not reliable. But now there are statements from the victims. "She hopes that justice will thoroughly research. "This is a cover-up. The sewer must be completely open. "
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