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Post  Panda on Sat 10 Sep - 2:59

Another troublespot.......where will it all end???

The Israeli ambassador was fprced to flee the embassy building and Egyptian
state TV said he has left the country along with his family.

Hundreds of demonstrators stormed the embassy, throwing documents and the
Israeli flag into the street.

Fires can be seen in the road outside the building.

Security forces sent to try protect the embassy have been attacked.

Israel requested help from the US to try defend the building.

President Obama responded by demanding Egypt "honour its international
obligations" and protect the embassy.

A witness told Sky News, demonstrators were smashing cars and protests were
continuing despite tear gas being used to try disperse the crowd.

Egypt's interior minister said more than 450 people were injured following a
day of protests.

Demonstrators want the ruling military council, which took control after
Hosni Mubarak's regime was overthrown in February, to set parliamentary election

There has been widespread anger directed at Israel after its troops killed
five Egyptian border guards.
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