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Gaddafi killed

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Gaddafi killed

Post  malena stool on Thu 20 Oct - 20:42

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi killed
Oct 20, 2011
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Muammar Gaddafi has been killed, Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has said.

"We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Muammar Gaddafi has been killed," Mr Jibril told a news conference in the capital Tripoli.

iI salute you, revolutionaries. You have captured this criminal who has killed the mothers of the martyrs
iFormer government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim is reported to have been captured, while Gaddafi's son and anointed heir Saif is thought to be at large in the desert, having fled Sirte.

NTC spokesman Abdullah Berrassali told Sky News: "Gaddafi is dead, absolutely dead. He was shot in both legs and in the head.

"It looks like Gaddafi and his close aides tried to flee. The freedom fighters tried to apprehend them but it looks like from the reports, which are not 100% confirmed, that as a result of the exchange of fire maybe Gaddafi was badly injured.

"I have always said that the priority would be to take Gaddafi alive and put him on a fair, just trial ... but if he resisted arrest there was a great likelihood he would be killed."

The defining events in the Libya crisis
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In London, International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell Mitchell said Gaddafi's capture or death would mean freedom becoming a reality in Libya.

He said Mr Cameron had been "the key person in ensuring a new dawn" in Libya.

Mr Mitchell told ITV News: "It's not yet clear precisely what has happened but if Gaddafi has been either captured or died in fighting, that means that the freedom and the future for which Libyans have been fighting all across Libya will now be a reality."

Prime Minister David Cameron hailed the death of Gaddafi as a step towards a "strong and democratic future" for the north African country.

Speaking in Downing Street moments after Mr Jibril officially confirmed the dictator's death, Mr Cameron said he was "proud" of the role Britain played in Nato airstrikes to protect Libyan civilians after the uprising against Gaddafi's rule began in February.

And he said it was a time to remember Gaddafi's victims, including those who died when Pan-Am flight 103 was bombed over Lockerbie, Wpc Yvonne Fletcher who was gunned down in a London street and all those killed by the IRA using Semtex explosives supplied by Libya.

Mr Cameron also said the "many, many people" who had died at the hands of "this brutal dictator and his regime" should be remembered and he paid tribute to the bravery of the Libyan people who helped to liberate their country.

He added: "We should also remember the many, many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime.

"People in Libya today have an even greater chance after this news of building themselves a strong and democratic future. I am proud of the role that Britain has played in helping them to bring that about and I pay tribute to the bravery of the Libyans who helped to liberate their country.

"We will help them, we will work with them and that is what I want to say today."

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