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If Lisa Irwin's found alive, who gets credit?

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If Lisa Irwin's found alive, who gets credit?

Post  Annabel on Thu 3 Nov - 13:22

Idiotic “story”


If Lisa Irwin's found alive, who gets credit?

One month into the search for baby Lisa Irwin, everyone officially at least holds out hope she’s still alive.

Her parents, her spotlight-seeking attorneys, neighbors and people around the nation who just know about the case through the media hope and pray that Lisa is alive and well out there, somewhere.

So far, unfortunately, logic and the search patterns by law enforcement make it clear they are spending a great deal of time looking for a body of a dead little girl.

But, what happens if all that searching actually pays off - someday - with the discovery of Lisa Irwin?

What if, much like the case of the kidnapped Elizabeth Smart - a girl who showed up alive nine months (not years, as originally written) after she was feared dead and gone - Lisa is found alive as well?

Who gets the credit then?

The parents certainly will deserve apologies from people who thought they had something to do with her disappearance.

The police and FBI, meanwhile, likely will come in for much criticism for their behaviors during the early parts of the search, either for missing obvious clues or for spending so much time looking for a body.


If police crack the case and actually track down a kidnapper, they will deserve and get plenty of the credit. As we have come to learn with so many criminal cases, the police don’t always share with the public exactly what leads they are working on.

So it might be surprising one day to learn they were able to develop good leads and eventually track down Lisa’s whereabouts.

At least, that’s the most positive view anyone can have right now.

Read more: http://voices.kansascity.com/entries/if-lisa-irwins-found-alive-who-gets-credit/#ixzz1ceFSuiKP

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Re: If Lisa Irwin's found alive, who gets credit?

Post  kitti on Mon 20 Feb - 18:00

Sounds like a page out off Kate mccanns book.....'there will be some very embarrassed people if Madeleine was found alive'

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