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Deja Vu... Again/Thepottingshedder

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Deja Vu... Again/Thepottingshedder

Post  Annabel on Thu 3 Nov - 16:34


Deja Vu... Again
Child missing, without a trace
Confused statements
Contradictory timelines
Friend spots 'abductor'
Media whirlwind
Cadaver dog alert

You could be mistaken for thinking that the above refers to the case of missing Madeleine McCann. And although (bizarrely) it does, it's actually all about little Lisa Irwin, allegedly taken from her bed as her mother enjoyed jollies with a friend. Umm, deja vu? Like the McCanns, another fine example of crap parenting causing an innocent child to become a household name. Children who should be living in anonymity enjoying their deserved needs of a safe, sheltered life.

I always hoped that Madeleine's parents were unique in their own weird way, but unfortunately it seems the mould was left intact when they flunked the McCann School of Parenting. I never thought I'd see another example of parents who claim to want their child back but hinder and run rings around an investigation by refusing to co-operate. Well let's all welcome Deborah and Jeremy to the show - they seem to be doing a great job of following the bewk to a tee. Or should that be manual?

Bless these children wherever they are - victims of their own parents incompetent failings.

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Re: Deja Vu... Again/Thepottingshedder

Post  Panda on Thu 3 Nov - 16:54

thanks Annabel, well the Mccanns have certainly started a trend, with the Shannon case as well , perhaps they should be given an award for ths as well,
to put on their mantelpiece along with Inspiring Woman Best Author.

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