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Us deaf, dumb & blind kids....

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Us deaf, dumb & blind kids....

Post  NoStone on Fri 11 Nov - 10:48


Malaika Cohen I was unaware of your book and just read your blog. Your are obviously a professional for a long time and with long years of experience. I was not aware of your status nor book prior. Let me tell you from my point of view and all that live in US. I always have admired the law in US even as I was growing up in Europe. What you all must learn to accept and understand, as I mentioned before. US is not Europe. Laws are so different. People are not outspoken, not fixed easily to form an opinion, there is stigma, that prevents many from speaking out publicly. I admire people of America for speaking so freely about issues, matters, crimes in this case. There is no stopping anyone, unfortunate, it isn't' like that here in Europe and especially not in England/ UK. Many of us know of the three wise monkeys, and England is just like that. People don't want to get involved, they don't see, they don't speak and they don't hear at all. It's frustrating for one, myself. I am outspoken, and speak from my heart. Despite all your analysis of what you heard and know of, my question how can law enforcement have not have same doubts/ suspicions ect ect as you have and if you feel so strong, your guts is telling you why is it impossible to pursue this feeling? One can get frustrated with many things apologies for any upset I caused. Too much has been dragged through press and lives been destroyed that way.

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