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Gerry McCann, Hugh Grant e J.K. Rowling falam sobre a ETIC dose media ( google translation)

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Gerry McCann, Hugh Grant e J.K. Rowling falam sobre a ETIC dose media ( google translation)

Post  Justiceforallkids on Sun 20 Nov - 14:53

After being harassed and slandered in different circumstances, public figures who have long fueled the British news now have the opportunity to confront the tabloids and their practices.

Gerry McCann, father of Maddie (missing for several years in the Algarve), actors Hugh Grant, Sienna Miller, and JK Rowling, author of the series 'Harry Potter' are some who will testify this week in a survey of media ethics, an entity court may recommend changes to the practices of the media.

The survey will take national television and, according to Cary Cooper academic, public figures will give a unique opportunity to tell their side of the story: "It is the first time that celebrities are able to fight back." ( or wanna be celebs like gerry and kate????)

The idea of this session came after the wiretapping scandal in the News of the World, closed in July after a proven systematic violations of the law.

David Sherborne, British lawyer, promises touching the wall and journalists to one of the charges suggests that sometimes the work of media celebrity family led to the brink of suicide.

One of the most dramatic examples is the son of Max Mosley who, according to Sherborne, committed suicide after the Formula 1 boss see your sex life in the pages of the News of the World.

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