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Absolute Eloquence About Maddie

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Absolute Eloquence About Maddie

Post  Annabel on Mon 28 Nov - 17:18


an only use reason beyond reason itself.

By our reader Ross

A friendly holiday from Hell
Left with so many lies to tell.
Darkness in the Place of Light
Carefully hidden in plain sight.

Of scribbled lists and secret pacts
Of cold black hearts and evil acts.
Of favours called and favours won
Of innocence lost and lives undone.

Unseen powers soon took hold
Ensuring truth would not be told.
The tale of a proud nation traduced
A mockery of the case reduced.

Serpentine words slither and slime
Cynical contortions concealing crime.
Conspiracy's such an easy word
To cow the narcoleptic herd.

If she ever was, she has gone.
Yet still the dance macabre rolls on.
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