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Famnous Dads with their offspring

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Famnous Dads with their offspring

Post  Panda on Tue 13 Dec - 2:59

Never before have we faced such a cruel conundrum.

How can we possibly pick between these doting, not to mention sexual, dads?

Orlando Bloom and David Beckham have got us all hot under the collar.

There's nothing more attractive than a handsome fellow on daddy duty.

As these famous heartthrobs are demonstrating perfectly.

We have no qualms about an early Monday morning start when we're faced with pictures of scrummy Orlando and adorable baby Flynn.

Did we mention he had a bare chest? (Orlando, not Flynn, obvs)

We're so jealous of Flynn right now

The Pirates star is making waves with his little son in New Zealand, where he and Miranda Kerr are currently holidaying.

So that's what people mean when they talk about the country's amazing views.

The fun doesn't stop there, though.

Across the globe in sunny LA, Becks is also playing papa to his own little bundle of joy.

Victoria's hubby was spotted cradling Harper Seven as they watched Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz playing footie.

How do you spell coodgy coodgy coo?

An equally stunning view, you might say.

We're easily pleased, aren't we?

By Rachel David

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