Missing Madeleine
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The Mail and the McCanns

The Daily Mail reported that “Kate McCann felt ‘worthless’ and ‘mentally raped’ after her diary of the days after her daughter vanished was published in the News of the World... Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry, both 43, said they felt some of the coverage of Madeleine’s disappearance was ‘nothing short of disgusting’ and that they had faced a virtual trial by media.”

So which newspaper did Kate McCann say had particularly distressed her with an article from September 2007, headlined “I pray the Portuguese police are careering down the wrong track, but from the start, a terrible nagging doubt has refused to leave me”? That would be the Mail.

Gerry McCann also singled out the Mail for a story from July this year which suggested that Maddie had been seen in India. “It’s probably one of the most recent examples of what I would say is the contempt for Madeleine and her safety,” he told the inquiry. “There was no check... They don’t know whether it’s true, they haven’t contacted us, and additionally we have the issue that if this really was a genuine sighting of Madeleine, then her captors may be alerted and move her.” None of this featured in the Mail’s Leveson coverage.
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