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Children a responsibility? NOT it seems for McCanns.

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Children a responsibility? NOT it seems for McCanns.

Post  jeanmonroe on Sat 24 Dec - 13:18

Children placed in care so parents can party

Children are being placed in the care of social services during the festive season by parents who want to go out to parties with their friends, (T7?) it has been claimed.

Unfortunately, as there were no social services in PDL, to place their kids with, the T9 went out to party with their friends anyway!

Paul McLain, deputy leader of Gloucestershire County Council
Mr McLain said: “When it was first suggested to me that this sort of thing was going on I just could not believe what I was hearing. But this has come from front-line social workers who are seeing this sort of thing occurring increasingly each year.”

“Sadly, there are some people who just do not understand that having a child is not just a joy but also a responsibility.”

Hear that McCanns? children are a responsibility! (UNLESS Mr McLain is also a nasty internet 'nutter'!)

Unless, of course, there's a nice Tapas dinner to attend then the kiddies can fend for themselves!
3 year old Maddie can be in charge of the twins and can prevent them from being 'abducted' unlike herself, supposedly!

A spokeswoman for The TaxPayers’ Alliance hit out at the practice
“Ultimately, it’s not just taxpayers picking up the cost of this deception, but children who are paying the price as they are being let down by their parents."

Ultimately it IS the taxpayer picking up the cost ( review, no expense spared) of the McCanns deception and Madeleine who is paying the price of being let down by her 'parents'!

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Re: Children a responsibility? NOT it seems for McCanns.

Post  Guest on Sat 24 Dec - 14:02

Well according to Healy/McCann and high-profile "Celebs" , neglecting our children is something we've all done.

Excuse me, but I know of nobody who has left their young children alone for hours, time and time again.

It makes me sick when they try to excuse their appalling behaviour by daring to suggest it is commonplace even amongst otherwise responsible people.


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