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Coleen has a hair problem like Hubby

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Coleen has a hair problem like Hubby

Post  Panda on Sun 25 Dec - 5:22

There ain't no scalp to see here, people.

This Wag doesn't make the same mistake twice.

Just days after being papped with a patch of thinning hair, Coleen Rooney's gone all thick and shaggy on us.

Swish, swooshWe were surprised to see Wayne's wife partying last week with bald patches showing, but Col won't be caught out for a second time.

She popped out with a friend to see the Stereophonics perform at the
Shepherd's Bush Empire last night with a new fringe and a full mop of
hair on her head.

Col was looking a little thin up top earlier this weekThe
25-year-old's love of hair extensions and dye jobs has been suggested
as the reason behind her thinning tresses, though they look full of life
from here.

Is Col pulling the hair over our eyes, or was the balding pic just the result of an unfortunate angle?

We'll save judgement for now.

Happy Chrimbo, Col.

By Victoria Joy

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