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Poll Boost for PM but not the Coalition

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Poll Boost for PM but not the Coalition

Post  Panda on Mon 26 Dec - 6:33

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Poll Boost For PM But Not The Coalition

Mr Cameron's personal popularity is higher than the other
party leaders

5:46am UK, Monday December 26, 2011

The Prime Minister has received a boost after a new poll showed his personal
popularity was higher than his rivals.

The ICM survey for the Guardian found 48% of people thought David Cameron was
doing a good job in Downing Street, compared to 43% who did not, giving him a +5

However, Mr Cameron's deputy did not fare so well.

Nick Clegg had a rating of -19 and Labour leader Ed Miliband only marginally
better off with -17.

While the Prime Minister's popularity is high, the coalition was not as well
received by those polled.

Among the 1,003 people questioned, 47% said the government was doing a bad
job, compared to just 39% who thought it was doing well.

The poll also provided a boost for the Chancellor George

The Conservative party received a boost in the polls
following Mr Cameron's veto of the EU treaty however the new survey
puts the party on 37%, just one point ahead of Labour on 36%.

The poll also revealed more voters trust the Prime Minister and his
Chancellor George Osborne to handle the economy the Ed Miliband and the Shadow
Chancellor Ed Balls.

That is despite a gloomy forecast for 2012 from economists with some
predicting a double dip recession.
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