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True Life of God in the Prisons of Portugal

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True Life of God in the Prisons of Portugal

Post  NoStone on Sat 31 Dec - 14:01

Kate - it does'nt sound that bad really - and you would be more than half way through by now! Perhaps you would get even greater inner strength from your faith like your fellow prisioners??


... how incredible it can seem, however incomprehensibly it presents itself, the reality is that, in prison, I have learned to be free and I feel myself more free now than ever before...


I have placed the Crucifix on the wall of my cell, by the headboard of my bed. I've read most of the books and am now reading volume 8 of True Life of God. As I read them, I become more and more interested, and recognize it is an extraordinary work which has helped me a great deal...


As to the book "True Life of God in the Prisons of Portugal" I find it extraordinary. There are other prisoners in other prisons who have great talent. I admire them and can tell God is closer to us more often, despite our errors and faults... One day, when I'm free, I'd like to take all those books home with me, although I have read them, so that my grandchildren can become real Christians through its reading. (better than reading your legacy)


Sister, I've hung the Crucifix on top of my bed. I have also decorated my cell with posters and it now looks very pretty. I feel very feel very well in my cell now.

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