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"Devo Max"-the formula that could save the U.K>

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"Devo Max"-the formula that could save the U.K>

Post  Panda on Sat 14 Jan - 22:41



“Devo max” – the formula that could save the UK

13 January 2012
The Guardian

Peter Brookes/The Times

While most Scots reject a complete break with the UK,
they favour a form of autonomy which would include powers to raise their
own taxes. The reluctant English should accept this, argue Simon

Simon Jenkins

Here we go again. Ireland gone. Scotland going. Next is Wales,
and then where? Cornwall? The Isle of Wight? There is no knowing what
the ineptitude of London politics may do to the British confederacy. The
latest row over yes or no to Scottish "independence" is mere
play-acting. The real issue is option three, "devo max". London hates
it. Scotland craves it.

For the past week constitutionalists have been dragged from their
cobwebs to pore over laws and documents. This is pointless. When
dissident provinces are set on separatism, the minutiae of referendum
law will not stop them. Look at Bosnia, Slovakia, Kosovo, Macedonia –
each different but starting from the same source. Britain went to war to
break up the Yugoslav union. Many Britons yearn for the break-up of the
European one. Why do they fight to sustain the United Kingdom as it
manifestly crumbles?

The answer is that English tribalism trumps hypocrisy. David Cameron
has only conceded a binding referendum on Scottish independence because
polls say it will be rejected. He opposes any delay because that makes
such an outcome less certain. The nationalist, Alex Salmond, thinks the
opposite – and for the same reason. Neither wants to risk defeat. Thank
goodness elections at least are ordained by law.

The longer London derides the aspirations of the non-English peoples
of the British Isles, the stronger those aspirations will grow. Ireland
departed the union in exasperation at London misgovernment in 1922. Only
last year could the Irish tolerate a day visit by the Queen. Resistance
to devolution cost James Callaghan his majority in 1979 and decimated
Labour support in Wales. The imposition of a poll tax on the Scots in
1989 contributed to Margaret Thatcher's downfall and all but wiped out
Scottish Toryism. Read full article in The Guardian...
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Re: "Devo Max"-the formula that could save the U.K>

Post  Lioned on Sat 14 Jan - 22:56

I am rather looking forward to devolution as i have joint Nationality and pride of place at Bannockburn it shouldnt represent any problem for me............
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Re: "Devo Max"-the formula that could save the U.K>

Post  Panda on Sun 15 Jan - 8:21

Scottish Independence: Talks After Tensions?

Alex Salmond says he is ready to meet David Cameron to discuss the way forward

6:12am UK, Sunday January 15, 2012

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has asked for talks with
Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond on the independence referendum
following a week of heated political debate.

Mr Moore said the UK Government wants to provide Holyrood with "the legal powers for a fair and decisive referendum" to take place.

Mr Salmond
said he was ready to meet Prime Minister David Cameron "in Edinburgh,
in London or wherever" to discuss the way forward, when he attended the
summit of the British-Irish Council in Dublin on Friday.

The UK Government said the first contact between the two
administrations should be with the Scottish Secretary, who is leading
its referendum consultation, and Mr Salmond.

It comes as a poll in the Mail on Sunday says the idea of Scottish
independence is more popular in England than it is north of the border.

The survey also found that Scots were more likely to vote against
independence in a referendum if it contained a second question on
whether more powers should be devolved to Edinburgh from Westminster.

Only 26% of voters in Scotland want to break up the Union, compared with 46% who do not, the poll revealed.

Mr Moore is to address the Confederation of British Industry in
Edinburgh on Monday and the Advocate General will be setting out the
legal situation with the referendum at Glasgow University on Friday.

Mr Moore said: "Since Tuesday, when I set out our plans for how
Scotland can hold a legal referendum, I have spoken to the First
Minister and asked him to meet for talks. I have also written to him.

"I was pleased to hear him suggest talks with the UK Government and I
want us to meet in Edinburgh this week to start making progress.

"We want this referendum made in Scotland and we should start the work this week in the nation's capital."

Under Westminster's proposals a referendum could be held within 18
months on the single yes-or-no question of whether Scotland should
become independent of the UK.

No date has been suggested for the poll, though ministers are prepared to set a deadline once the consultation ends on March 9.

Edinburgh wants to delay a poll until autumn 2014 and to leave open
the possibility of a third "devo-max" option on the ballot paper, which
would allow Scotland to take on greater self-determination in financial
matters but remain part of the Union.

Meanwhile, former chancellor Alistair Darling has warned of the "immense" economic difficulties Scotland would face if it voted for independence.

The Scottish MP for Edinburgh South West, who has emerged as a
leading candidate to head the pro-Union campaign, told The Observer that
the risks would be "amazing" and not worth gambling on.
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Re: "Devo Max"-the formula that could save the U.K>

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