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Responsible Parenting

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Responsible Parenting

Post  Guest on Tue 31 Jan - 18:19

Just reading a piece in today's Daily Telegraph relating to TV Presenter Kate Silverton and "the biological clock".

But what leapt out of the page towards me was this:

"It would break my heart to think of Clemency crying when I wasn't there"

A lesson in decency and true love there, methinks.


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Re: Responsible Parenting

Post  gillyspot on Tue 31 Jan - 19:35

I agree. Perhaps Kate McCann could take parenting lessons from Ms Silverton.

It is not about the appearance of caring and quality parenting it is about actually doing it. Something that neither McCann seems to know anything about sadly. Why on earth travel the world together AFTER Madeleine went missing. Something that NO ONE (not even experts) can understand parents of an "abducted" child doing.

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