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Mark Warner Kids club question?

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Mark Warner Kids club question?

Post  Wintabells on Wed 8 Feb - 16:59


Mini Club (3 - 5 year olds)
Our mini club provides a fun-filled activity programme throughout the week and there is always a high ratio of nannies to children.

6 mornings, 9am to 12.30pm - FREE
6 afternoons, 2.30pm to 5.30pm - FREE
6 full days, 9am to 12.30pm & 2.30pm to 5.30pm - £180 per week

Just looking at the Mark Warner childcare costs and noticing that if you want your child in the creche both morning and afternoon it's £180 per week, whereas it's free if they only go mornings or afternoons.

Didn't the eldest O'Brien child (the Madeleine look-alike) go to the club on one or two rogue afternoons or something? I don't have time to look at the creche records at the moment...

I know the costs may have been different in 2007, so this could be all be irrelevant, but I'm sure E... O'B was booked into the creche mostly in the mornings, but there were some odd attendances (ie. she was collected early on May 3rd so she could have ice cream/tea in Paraiso with the other kids and there was another day when she was booked in but not out, or vice versa.

Plus, if your kid is attending for free... would you book them in for an ad hoc session?
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Re: Mark Warner Kids club question?

Post  kitti on Wed 8 Feb - 17:27

3 x £180 = £540pw.

1 yr old.....half day.....£180pw.....full day.....£360pw.

Don't know what happens if you do one half days...I.e. Either mornings or Afternoons(free) and then want to add the odd half day...

Expensive ....
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