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Mr Amarals new Lawyer

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Mr Amarals new Lawyer

Post  Lillyofthevalley on Wed 29 Feb - 9:01

Ive been thinking this morning after reading a comment on Joana M site, if one court goes against the McCanns and they lose then they will start to lose them all, this got me thinking that if Tony Bennet is successful in his case with the McCannscould this be the start of the END for the McCanns?

On Joan Moris site I also and found this very interesting bit of info.........


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I have just checked out Santos de Oliveira's image - Amaral's new lawyer. He looks awesomely intelligent.

An undisclosed source told me that (as a result) "Isabel Duarte doubled her intake of Valium and Marinho Pinto is testing a new brand of heavy-duty incontinence pads" (quote/unquote)
Since 2008 Dr Santos de Oliveira has represented Alfredo Pequito - the former Bayer employee and whistleblower - in the long running Bayer Pharmaceuticals corruption case, described by some as David v Goliath (well worth reading)

Incidentally John McCann is now at Bayer

Interview with Alfredo Pequito, former employee of Bayer Portugal
In 1997 Alfredo Pequito informed the public that Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies gave gifts to hundreds of medical doctors in Portugal to influence their prescription behaviour. The General Health Inspection Department in Portugal confirmed these accusations.
Bayer also conducted unethical medical tests in Portugal, several test subjects died. Until today Bayer has not been charged with these crimes.

Speech Alfredo Pequito, Bayer Shareholder Meeting, May 12, 2009
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