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Ghoast busters? - The Biggest Stink In Town

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Ghoast busters? - The Biggest Stink In Town

Post  NoStone on Wed 29 Feb - 20:37

Policemen of all ranks across many forces can smell it, journalists from the most junior to the most senior of editors and newspaper owners can smell it, there's a strong whiff that haunts both houses and hospital corridors, nutters and bloggers are disgusted by it and want it purged, innocent people sit at home in front of their televisions - and smell a rat. It can be detected on foreign shores far and wide from the USA to Portugal to Germany and Morocco and beyond - it has become a world wide nuisance.

But this is not an elephant in the room, no 'smelly the elephant'. This emanates unseen from underground, from the sewers that are swollen with it. With no where to go it swills around and around in a circle feeding on its component elements, its life source - lies, deceit, money, arrogance, vanity, litigation, vengeance, corruption, injustice - all that is evil.

Whilst it remains underground folks may deny the source, many told not to mention it and it may go away. Others are told to deny its existence at any cost. Meantime - One runs around with an air freshener that is just about run out of propellant - he has had to spray it so much - others run around with Flit.

The problem is this - it is not going to go away, it builds and builds continuously fed by those that created it. Eventually it will blow so high you will be able to smell it in space. And where will it all fall?? Well - on policemen of all ranks across many forces, on politicians, on journalists, on supporters, on the 7 innocent people who have given money innocently, on shores far and wide -

- and when all of that happens - well I don't know who ya gonna call!!??

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