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Post  mumbles on Wed 2 May - 13:29


Kate and Gerry McCann reveal their twins want to join search for missing Maddie as they speak of hope after new Scotland Yard photofit

he brother and sister of Madeleine McCann want to join the search for their missing sibling when they are older, parents Kate and Gerry revealed today.
Twins Sean and Amelie, who were two were Maddie went missing in Portugal, 'completely understand' the reasons for the continued search and have even offered to assist, the couple said.
Mrs McCann told presenter Lorraine Kelly on ITV’s Lorraine: 'Sean said to me, and this is going back about 18 months now, he said, "Shall I come and work for you and find Madeleine when we get older?"

Family unit: Kate and Gerry McCann said Madeleine's younger siblings, twins Sean and Amelie, want to join the hunt when they are older

Missing: Madeleine McCann aged three, left, and in Scotland Yard's computer-generated age-progression picture of how she might look now, at the age of nine
'But I don't want them to have to be in the position where they are carrying around this kind of sadness and frustration or whatever it is, to find Madeleine. We obviously want to find her now.'
They also spoke of their attempts to lead as normal a life as possible for the sake of their other children, and avoid being over-protective of them after their sister disappeared five years ago, aged three.
Mr McCann said: 'It's a near-normality, I think. As opposed to having five in the house, there are four in the house most of the time. I keep saying this, but to anyone, the casual observer, I think we look like an ordinary family.

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'Sean and Amelie completely understand what we are doing and occasions like this why we are away from home.
'They know, we keep them updated about what is happening and the developments, you know about the Met, about the new age-progression.'
The McCanns have spoken of their renewed hope of finding daughter Madeleine, following the release of a new age-progression picture of Madeleine and a review of the case by Scotland Yard.
Mrs McCann said the pair were 'probably as positive' as they had been for a long time.
'We are realistic,' said Mrs McCann. 'We don’t know what has happened but we know there is a very good chance that she could be alive - there is no evidence to the contrary.

Still looking: The McCanns told presenter Lorraine Kelly they are being realistic but still have hope that Maddie will be found alive
'We know year after year, missing children, children that have been abducted, are found alive.'
Her moving words come as the couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, prepare to mark the anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance tomorrow.
In the interview, Mrs McCann praised the new age-progression photograph of Madeleine and appealed to the public to circulate the image as widely as possible.
Kate McCann's book about Madeleine's disappearance has sold nearly 400,000 copies and raised up to £1million for the fund to find the missing child.
Mrs McCann thanked supporters for buying her account of how her daughter went missing on holiday in Portugal, which was published in hardback a year ago.
She said: 'The book has done amazingly well. That's thanks to the general public, and I'm really really grateful.
'Not only obviously has it helped Madeleine's Fund, more importantly it's got people engaged again.
'There's more awareness now, there's more information still coming in now.
'For a long time we had wanted to correct things that were incorrect, just so people could be better informed, and therefore the search enhanced.'
Her husband Gerry added: 'It's put everything in the right context. So much in this case has just been taken as snippets and taken out of context.
'It's a properly considered record of what we've gone through, and Kate's done a brilliant job.'
Mr McCann said sales of the book, simply entitled Madeleine, are 'close to 400,000' and it may have generated as much as £1 million for the couple's fund.
A paperback edition with a new epilogue will be published on May 10.
The Metropolitan Police last week released the picture of what Madeleine might look like now, coming up to her ninth birthday on May 12.
Mrs McCann, 44, said: 'We would be really keen - the general public helped us with the last age-progression - so we would be really keen for them, really grateful, if they could circulate that image as far and wide as they can.'
Mr McCann added: 'I think the most important thing is challenging the assumption that Madeleine is a three- or four-year-old.
'She's nearly nine now. People around us certainly see Madeleine in it, and see elements of us in it, and I think that's a good thing. It's certainly a useful tool, and we're pleased with the image.'
The McCanns said their twins, now aged seven, are 'absolutely fine' despite the disappearance of their older sister.
Mrs McCann said: 'They don't sit there thinking, "gosh it's the third of May". They don't have to go through what we do.
'But we talk about it, and they know that tomorrow will be five years since Madeleine was taken, and they understand what's happening.'
Her husband added: 'It's very matter of fact for them, because I suppose they've grown up with Madeleine missing. It's part of their life.'
His wife added: 'You have to kind of fight against it [being over-protective] a little bit to be honest, to let them develop and enjoy life like other children. It is inevitable I think.'
Mrs McCann said: 'I certainly think I am more protective than what I was, and Kate, before, I would have said was on the over-protective side and that is one of the ironic things about this.
'But you can't mollycoddle them. At the same time they have got to develop and become independent. I feel strongly about that.
'We have got to remember what happened to us was incredibly rare.'
The couple’s interview comes after Scotland Yard’s review of the case was revealed to have identified 200 potential leads.
But the Portuguese authorities have so far refused to reopen their investigation into how the three-year-old girl vanished on a family holiday to the Algarve on May 3, 2007.
Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, the officer leading the ongoing Scotland Yard review, spoke last week of his belief that the case can still be solved and launched a fresh appeal for information.
His team of 37 officers have sifted through 40,000 pieces of information and identified 195 'investigative opportunities'.

Heartfelt plea: Mrs McCann told Lorraine and her viewers that the family would be 'really grateful' if the general public helped circulate the new image as far and wide as possible
Mr Redwood has said he believes Madeleine was a victim of stranger abduction and says there is evidence she could still be alive.
Madeleine vanished from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz days before her fourth birthday, as her parents dined with friends at a tapas bar nearby.
Shortly afterwards, both parents were wrongly named as suspects and questioned by Portuguese police.
The official Portuguese inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance was shelved in July 2008, although private detectives employed by the McCanns continued the search.
Her parents repeatedly called on officials to resume the search for Maddie.
Scotland Yard's review of the case - called Operation Grange and expected to cost nearly £2million in its first year - was launched last May after a request from Home Secretary Theresa May, supported by David Cameron.
A team of detectives based in Oporto in northern Portugal has also been appointed to re-examine the original investigation into the girl's disappearance.
The British officers have travelled to Portugal seven times, and visited the McCanns' holiday flat in Praia da Luz.
The long-suffering McCanns spoke of their gratitude at the help they are getting from Scotland Yard and reiterated their hope that Portuguese police will now reopen the case.

The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children released these projections of how Maddie might look aged six and nine
Mr McCann said: 'In previous years we have felt like we have been on our own to a large extent and now we have got [a] tremendous resource, doing a great job.
'We feel so much better supported and you know that those things that we have been talking about for the last three-and-a-half years about looking at every single piece of information, that’s going on.
'We are happy to be led by the police and let the Metropolitan Police do the negotiations with the Portuguese authorities.
'But it does feel now finally someone in the authorities, British authorities, are actually trying to find Madeleine, who is completely innocent of course.'
Mrs McCann also thanked the public for the support they had received for their campaign.
'I don’t believe we would have got the review without their support,' she said.
'People have petitioned and petitioned and petitioned and you know, wrote letters, and here we are. And we just hope, obviously, that the case will get reopened in due course because we certainly believe that is our best shot at finding Madeleine.'

Determined: The parents were wrongly named as suspects and questioned by police, before the official investigation in Portugul was shelved in July 2008
The couple said they were struggling to take in the fact that they have reached the fifth anniversary of their daughter's disappearance.
Mrs McCann said: 'When you say five years, it feels like such a huge amount of time, and it is.
'Sometimes when you think of everything that we've been through in the last five years, it does seem long.
'And yet in other ways, you just think how on earth could five years have gone past so quickly?'
Mr McCann added: 'In some ways it's the longest and shortest five years.'
They said they had received hundreds of letters and emails and comments of support from the public, especially in the last week since the new age-progression photograph was released.
Mrs McCann will publish a paperback edition of her book about her daughter's disappearance - simply entitled Madeleine - on May 10.

Faith and hope: The pair are 'probably as positive' as they have been for a long time, Mrs McCann said on ITV show Lorraine
A new epilogue thanks the police for their efforts in reviewing the case over the past year.
The McCanns have fought a legal battle against former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral over his book alleging that the young girl died in the apartment and that her parents faked her abduction - something they strongly deny.
Mr McCann said the couple do not regret their decision to pursue Mr Amaral through Portugal's civil courts.
He said: 'We're not here to talk about someone who wants to stop the search. We're here to talk about what can be done.
'We made the decision to take legal action at the time. It was the right decision. We've got to see it through.
'I'm sure it would have been a lot worse if we hadn't taken legal action. But the key focus is the difference between people who want to find a missing child and those who don't.'
Five years on, the pivotal questions
Is she alive?
There have been no confirmed sightings of Madeleine McCann since she disappeared on May 3, 2007.
The original Portuguese police team believed she died in a ‘tragic accident’.
Kate and Gerry McCann have always insisted there is no evidence to suggest she is dead, and British police now believe ‘there is a possibility she is alive’.
Where is she?
There have been reported sightings all round the world, ranging from the credible to bizarre psychic visions.
Of those investigated, none have been confirmed as Madeleine.
Who is responsible?
Three people were officially named as arguidos, or suspects, in the investigation - Kate and Gerry McCann and British expat Robert Murat.
All three were formally cleared when the investigation was shelved and have won libel cases against newspapers and broadcasters which falsely claimed they were involved in Madeleine’s disappearance.
The McCanns believe Madeleine was taken by an abductor.
Convicted paedophile Raymond Hewlett allegedly said he saw the girl twice before she vanished and claimed she was stolen to order by a gypsy gang, but denied he was involved.
He died in 2010.
Are there new leads?
British police have identified almost 200 new lines of investigation from the Portuguese case files and the McCanns’ own private detectives.
They have refused to reveal details.
Why was this not done before?
Portuguese officers were convinced Madeleine was dead and have admitted publicly that they did not fully investigate other theories, including many of the sightings.
What else was missed?
Police did not set up effective searches and did not alert the Spanish border for 12 hours, allowing a potential abductor to escape with Madeleine undetected.
Even a basic check of the other guests at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz was not completed for 48 hours, by which time many potential witnesses had left.
What about forensic evidence?
Police did not seal off the McCanns’ apartment until 10am the next day, by which time the McCanns, their friends, resort staff, concerned helpers and police officers had all potentially contaminated forensic evidence.
Samples were taken and tested for blood and DNA but were found to be so degraded and contaminated that the results were inconclusive.
Will the case be solved?
British police want the case reopened but public opinion in Portugal has not been supportive of the McCanns and there may be little interest in raking over a five-year mystery which has already damaged the country’s tourist industry.
Even if the case is reopened, the reality remains that blunders in the first few days after Madeleine’s disappearance may mean the McCanns will never know what happened to their daughter.

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Post  maebee on Wed 2 May - 13:32

Kate and Gerry McCann said Madeleine's younger siblings, twins Sean and Amelie, want to join the hunt when they are older

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Post  Guest on Wed 2 May - 13:33

"Even if the case is reopened, the reality remains that blunders in the first few days after Madeleine’s disappearance may mean the McCanns will never know what happened to their daughter."

I think that Healy & McCann know exactly what happened to their daughter.

Time to share that knowledge with the wider world - starting with the Police. Any Police.


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Post  fedrules on Wed 2 May - 15:35

Well i sent in a sceptical comment, but, surprise, surprise, it's not been published..

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Post  interested on Wed 2 May - 19:28

fedrules wrote:Well i sent in a sceptical comment, but, surprise, surprise, it's not been published..

My comment has not been published either - no real surprise there. I have just checked the "Best Rated" though and number one with 1,170 "green arrows" reads: "Shouldn't have left her in the first place."

God bless Madeleine, I just wish her parents would do the right thing answer the "real" questions so that Madeleine rests in peace.

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Post  BelEddie on Wed 2 May - 19:37

On Yahoo.uk there are many negative answers/comments re this latest report!


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Post  cass on Wed 2 May - 19:41

yes i bet they dont like those pesky green arrows . whoosh as soon as farter and duck look

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Post  jeanmonroe on Wed 2 May - 22:22

not much 'looking and looking and looking" or "searching" done today by the McCanns
Unless of course one of the new 'leads' led them to beleive she's been hiding in various TV centres all this time!
Did Kate CHECK under the table?
I suppose we'll hear from their 'supporters' that the darling McCanns need a break from 'searching' for their child.
That's almost like saying 'we'll leave them all alone in an apartment' whilst we go to the tapas bar for a break!
'What can possibly go wrong?'
Did anyone see on crimewatch that 'apartment' was spelt 'aPPartment'
The combined BRAINS of the BBC and New McCann Yard can't even spell yet hope to find a missing child.
Now that's just taking the PP*ss!
There's only two hopes to find her with these 'top cops' and they are Bob Hope and No Hope.

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Post  dazedandconfused on Wed 2 May - 22:25

Why oh why do they keep printing all this garbage? I've given up now with the belief that the press will get their revenge when the truth is out. Think I'll order my strait jacket now and book into the asylum.

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Post  Lillyofthevalley on Wed 2 May - 22:33

Another blunder Gerry and Kate, why would your children plan to look for Maddy when they are older? do you not expect her to come back then! Talk about foot and in mouth.

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