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Has This One attended Gerry's geography lesson?

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Has This One attended Gerry's geography lesson?

Post  Keela on Thu 3 May - 15:11

One of the comments on the story in the Daily Crail:

I think the Mc Canns have done an amazing Job of keeping this story alive.. every time i go on holiday to the Med i keep thier case in my mind .. i really do hope one day they get maddie back...

- STEVE G, DUBLIN IRELAND, 03/5/2012 14:30

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2138286/Madeleine-McCann-latest-news-Antonio-Castela-claims-picked-girl-taxi.html#ixzz1todZ2jMl

Doh, for the last time Portugal sits on the Atlantic Coast not the Med coast and it DOES have a navy.
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