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30 cases of missing children in Portugal

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30 cases of missing children in Portugal

Post  Panda on Fri 4 May - 10:11

With thanks to HLM

Thirty disappearances of children in research from the "Maddie case"
Over 99% of cases of missing children and teens participated in the last five years the PJ have been resolved. During this period were recorded for more than three thousand cases.

Since Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007 in Algarve, another 30 children and adolescents aged up to 17 years, disappeared without trace in Portugal. Three are children under 12 involved in situations of failure of parental responsibilities.

The 30 cases under investigation are a tiny proportion of cases that the Judiciary Police (PJ) could not resolve. The number of records to investigate disappearances of children and adolescents admitted that police in the last five years is far superior. 3629 totals, according to data from the central section of the criminal investigation and police technique that integrates the Lisbon brigade disappeared. These processes relate to 345 children under 12 years and 3284 adolescents between 13 and 17 years. Of these, 27 still under investigation relate exclusively to the years 2011/2012.

In PJ's website, the site reserved for missing persons, still photograph of Sara Sofia Lopes dos Santos, bangs and brown eyes. The last time was seen in January 2009, was three years old, wearing a tracksuit-colored pink and red trainers, said complementary information to the news of the disappearance, on page PJ.

Sarah was given to the father, by decision of the Family Court and Juvenile Portimão. The first visit was to spend the end of the year with her mother and never returned.

About his mother, 39, warrants were issued three international arrest. One reason is the abduction of her daughter.

In PJ's website, where there are photographs of missing persons for over ten years, children and adolescents are a minority at the foot of elderly patients with dementia, suicide, accidents and victims of homicide and other persons who flee only to be repeatedly found.

Many adolescents disappear voluntarily admitted to institutions where they are, run away from home rather than face the parents in cases of failure at school and dating do not consent.

But as explained Ramos Reed, in charge of the investigation of missing persons in an interview prior to the PUBLIC (15 -6-2008), when there are suspicions that someone is gone against their will and that you are dealing with a criminal offense, "the case has to go to the relevant section and has a criminal proceeding, so that they can be developed the necessary steps. "

Is that certain types of police investigations can only be developed based on the investigation of a crime, but not in the investigation of a disappearance.

In this case, one may consist accused and can not, for example, performing wiretapping. The process never prescribes, "there all the time in the world" to investigate what happens in a situation not classified as a criminal offense, subject to limitation periods, Ramos notes Reed.

Among the involuntary disappearances, the predominant processes related accidents are among the most difficult to clarify. There are also cases where the missing appear as unidentified in hospitals, or corpses at the Institute of Legal Medicine, situations that are often starting points for clarification of homicides.

Among the elderly are missing many cases of people suffering from mental disorders and who lose or leave without identification of the homes in which they are admitted and often are not able to say who they are. There are also so-called "repeaters", people who have a habit of disappearing as is the case of a man in the hospital whose disappearance has been involved with police 27 times.

Google translate, Original article Publico (1/5/2012 retrieved online May 5th, 2012

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