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Portuguese article

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Portuguese article

Post  Annabel on Sun 6 May - 11:50


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SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012

The case of Madeleine McCann returns to be quoted in British tabloid press. Across the Channel, read up on "The Sun" and other leaves of the same ilk, "barbs" on the quality of justice and the Portuguese police, accused inefficiency in research.

I have no particular opinion on this subject, but I have long been a well-formed idea that exists in some countries of northern Europe, an ingrained prejudice against justice "southern". This leads, for example, that, almost by the system, when a citizen of these countries is held in some cases with media glare in a country of the same "South" (when it happens in Africa or Latin America, is almost automatic) , to weigh on him regularly, a natural sort of presumption of innocence and create a public outcry to demand his release or to contest the length of judicial decisions (I'm sure at this point, some will remember the case Vale e Azevedo. ..). The press, echoing the natural reaction of families and groups of friends, then becomes a carrier of a judgment of demonization of the judiciary of the State where the incident occurred, degrading to your image. Read what it says on the website British Prisoner's Abroad , to understand better what I have just noted.

One day in the first half of the 90s, an English child found dead in the Algarve. Our embassy in London was then invaded by written communications and telegrams insulting, considering Portugal "a jungle", a haven for criminals, a world of impunity and irresponsibility. With the tropism that I mentioned above, press the "tabloid" British ridiculed Portugal and Portuguese police. MPs and Lords angry, mobilized by their "constituencies", wrote and was even received at the embassy, ​​shouting against our justice system.

A few weeks later, our police discovered the culprit: a British citizen, a friend of the family. From one moment to another, the British press was silent. A few months later. The fear, friends of the arrested, began to complain in the same press, against the Portuguese prisons and the risks that the killer would run them. It's so ...
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