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British Airways luxury for VIP Passengers

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British Airways luxury for VIP Passengers

Post  Panda on Mon 28 May - 12:13

On flights to Los Angeles , China, India and the Middle East, British Airways have special salons for VIP's and mega rich passengers. For an extra
£1,500 passengers enjoy complete privacy, do not have to check in with their luggage, even have a chauffer driven car from the airport to the Plane.
Naturally, they don't have the same menu that ordinary passengers have, and they don't have to pay for their drinks.

BA say the service is very popular with Film Stars the service is not advertised, it doesn.t need to be and the Airline has every intention of keeping
it upmarket.

Presumably, if you were a Lottery Winner from humble beginnings, there is no guarantee you would be offered the Service
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