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Film and book titles 'misread'.

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Film and book titles 'misread'.

Post  tigger on Mon 11 Jun - 8:37

Deaf in Venice - a film about a fatal holiday taken by a man who'd forgotten his hearing aid.
(I honestly heard it pronounced like that and thought it must be about a man falling into a canal because he couldn't hear the warning shouts..)

Equally, I once listed Ernest Hemingway's 'Death in the afternoon' as 'Death at 4.00 o'clock in the afternoon'. I really thought that was the title!
This was at a dinner party with some very well read people who proceeded to adjust other titles.

I love these misinterpretations - once heard: 'Learn to Love' a book which was a great disappointment to a young boy since it was part 12 of an encyclopedia.

Other things we made up were sayings:
'When cows lie down at night, tomorrow will be bright. It's quite surprising how easily people will believe these made up pearls of wisdom!
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