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The 'Secret File'?

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The 'Secret File'?

Post  marxman on Mon 9 Jul - 17:02

"THE Home Office is refusing to release secret files on the Madeleine McCann case to avoid diplomatic ructions with Portugal."
So there you have it! A secret file, which
may, or may not, be instrumental in cracking
this case. So what would be so sensitive that
it must be kept away from Portuguese eyes?
Can I guess?, that it maybe is that the Home Office
knows that an abduction did not occur in 2007,
which would have saved the faltering economy
of Portugal millions of Euros searching for child
which the HO knew the fate, and had important
information which would have helped the PJ in
it's quest for the truth.
Didn't Gerry request such information from Teresa
May (Home secretary) and was told that it was too
sensitive to reveal?

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Re: The 'Secret File'?

Post  margaret on Mon 9 Jul - 20:55

I don't think Teresa may is fooled by the mcs for one second. Which is why Kate insulted her 'fluffy worthless words'. Wonder what she thinks now the home office found some funds of the review.
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